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This is a site for those who like to read crossdressing stories, and feel happy for themselves.

Authors write stories in installments. Also it is natural to read the earlier part first and then scroll down to the next part. It is for this reason that the stories are arranged with latest ones at the end of page. Since most visitors are infrequent or new, this arrangement works best for most. For the daily visitor who wants to reach the latest entry quickly, the following method will work. Please click on the 'Home' area and then press the 'End' key on your keyboard. You will reach the latest Home very quickly this way. I request your understanding in this matter.

Below Are The Most Readed Stories:

1. Teenage Kanish Become Kanisha A Crossdressing Story

I was born in a business family, who had made millions by selling basic products. In spite of all the richness and wealth, we still followed an ago old tradition of a joint family. My father had three younger brothers and two sisters, thus making a huge family. Over the years as each of my uncle and aunt were married off and started their own families my grandfather decided that each of his son can have a separate house to live under one condition, that all of us need to unite on major occasions and that we all had to live in the vicinity. This arrangement was liked by everyone and was endorsed by each member.

2. Jobless Urvish Become Urvashi A Crossdressing Story

My name is Urvish. I recently had a quarrel with my dad regarding money issue. He used to shout at me for spending so much money. So i finally got angry and shout at him saying tht from now on i dont need ur money i can live on my own money thinking tht i wud get joining letter from tcs in no time as i was placed in campus recruitment from my clg. But tht fight changed my life. After tht fight i left home and stayed as paying guest in a place where i paid using the money i had while leaving home n in a week all the money i hv was over. I tried asking my friends for help but was of no use they knew tht i came out from my house so they didnt dare to help me.

3. Singh boy with long hair become a girl

Sangeeth sing and his family are living in Delhi as the name indicate he is a sing his fathers name was preetham sing but he is no more he died when he is only 8 his mother seetha is working in a government office she is a Tamil women they are love married when they are studying in same collage Sangeeth is only child in house he is young cute whitish short and slim figure with a big turban on head he lived with his mother grand mother and aunty ,his moms sister is a divosie and she is working in a textiles as an accountant her name is swetha she is young and cute like his mom his grand mother is still cute at the age of 47 she wear beautiful sarees and ornaments and very good in classical music they three lived in a traditional way of Tamils wake up early bath early put tulsi leaf on hairs.

4. Ankita from Ankit and enjoyed life as a female

Since childhood I was very much attracted towards female dresses, accessories and all the stuff. Many a times tried different stuff of my sis and mom when alone at home. Though I was not attracted to guys but still am mad about being dressed up as a female. I wanted to spend my whole life as a female. I thought many a times to share this with my family but than scared of their reaction.

5. Wife make me A traditional Wife A Crossdressing Story

I nearly lost my breath when on my wedding night my wife said she only married me cause she knew she could turn me into her wife "A traditional Wife". She said that she straight away knew about my submissive nature and in her mind she had already decided to transform me to a submissive female and make me serve her. After saying that she told me to s****, she had such a command and she said in a strict tone. I don't know how but I happened to open my clothes, perhaps it was due to the submissive nature I followed her instruction without questioning her. She opened a box and took out a c******* belt, though I had fantasied about wearing it I didn't want to wear it in real. I had done some research about the c******* belt on the internet. With in minutes she locked my p**** in the belt it was not that uncomfortable. But it made me wake up between sleep.