Ankita from Ankit and enjoyed life as a female

by admin

Posted On December 20, 2018

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This is another story that how become Ankita from Ankit and enjoyed my life as a Female.

Since childhood I was very much attracted towards female dresses, accessories and all the stuff. Many a times tried different stuff of my sis and mom when alone at home. Though I was not attracted to guys but still am mad about being dressed up as a female. I wanted to spend my whole life as a female. I thought many a times to share this with my family but than scared of their reaction.

Years passed like this and I completed my Graduation and move to Delhi from my Hometown in UP for a Job as I wanted to live alone to fulfill my fantasies and desires. Let me tell you about myself, am 5feet 8inches tall, slim and fair body. I don’t have much body hair as well. After a struggle of 2-3 months I got a Job in a Private Firm. I shifted to South Delhi as that’s near my Office and took 1BHK flat there. In 2-3 Months itself slowly I bought almost everything required to dress up as a female. I used to do a lot of study on Internet on Female Stuff which helped me learn how to do makeup and dress up well. I started using all female cosmetics, creams and even deodorant. Its like a routine to keep me clean shaved and remove my body hair regularly, using lotions to keep my skin smooth and silky. I even use female shampoo to keep my hair silky. I avoided going to my hometown and even my parents did not force me much on this. My father used to run a shop in my hometown so that was enough for their living. In the meantime my sis marriage got fixed and I had to be in hometown for almost 15days. That was the most difficult period for me to see all female stuff which I always dream of in front of me and could not try evens a single thing. My BIL and his family were good and in the same city so that made me bit relaxed as I was tired of my male life and wanted to run away from it. I was just looking for an opportunity to do that.

I came back to Delhi after my sis marriage with free mind and now I wanted to live my life on my own terms as I knew that someone is there to look after my parents. I was not worried now. I started looking for a change as now I wanted to join a Company into female stuff i.e. cosmetics, clothes or anything. Luckily I got a Job in one of the good Cosmetics brand Lakme. I was part of their Supply Chain Team and my job is to look after the supply of Cosmetics. It was even more wonderful as now I am totally in the company of females and stores. I learned lot of new things in Cosmetics which I started using at home as well. As an Employee I used to get discounts on all cosmetics and every Month I used to spend 20% of my Salary on Cosmetics. Even none of my female colleagues used to spend that much. I was using all cosmetics daily as my routine is to be a Male only from 8AM to 6PM and after reaching home am a female completely. I even got my ears pierced, 2 holes in each ear. My female colleagues admired me for that as for them a man with such personality is quiet normal. I started buying clothes which were unisexual and other stuff.

Daily I used to dress myself in a Unisexual Shirt n Trouser. I used to apply very little foundation, natural lip gloss color and matching unisexual earrings. In normal no one can make out that have applied makeup but my office colleagues can as they are very well aware of all cosmetics and their effect. I became very popular and a good friend to most of my female colleagues. We always used to talk about Cosmetics, dresses and all female stuff. I forgot that when last time I spoke about Male things.

My colleagues encouraged me for being more feminine so I now I started using little bit bright color lipsticks, nailpolish, started wearing Kada in hands, little bit of eye makeup. I started wearing p****** as well. On weekends we used to go outside in Malls me being completely dressed as a female. I started using b***** forms to give more c******* as well. Every weekend I used to visit my colleagues place and we all get dressed as best as we can. I used to wear p**** and s*** b**. Than bring color Top and skirt with long stockings. My little long hair till shoulder styled properly as female hair. Bright Red Lipstick and Nail Polish, complete eye makeup, bangles and high heels. I love wearing high heels. We tease each other so much when guys used to look at us with lusty eyes. We even go to Discs at night and many a times guys used to offer me drinks and ask for dance. I always obliged everyone with my s*** curves and feminine skills.

Once when we all were in Discs I was dancing on the floor and group of guys came. They were looking quiet rich and sophisticated as well. One of the guys saw me and came on floor to dance with me. He was tall 6feet and really very handsome. As I told earlier I was not attracted to guys but after being dressed there is a different feeling inside. I did not mind dancing with him. He came more closer and I responded him well. So now we were dancing very close to each other and suddenly he kissed me on my cheeks. It was like a current gone into my whole body. I showed a bit of anger and came back from the floor. My friends saw me and said that why I came back. When I told them they said that Ankita now you need to accept it as you are a female now. So better you should get involve better with guys else after sometime I will be all alone. They also told me that we were looking good while dancing and I should go back and dance with him. In between he came to me and said Sorry. I blushed like anything and could not say anything. He asked me again for a drink and I could not say NO. He took me to a private table in the Corner and ordered a beer for himself and mocktail for me. He told me about himself that he is working in Europe and came here on Vacation.

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