Jobless Urvish Become Urvashi A Crossdressing Story

by admin

Posted On December 27, 2018

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Part - 1

My name is Urvish. I recently had a quarrel with my dad regarding money issue. He used to shout at me for spending so much money. So i finally got angry and shout at him saying tht from now on i dont need ur money i can live on my own money thinking tht i wud get joining letter from tcs in no time as i was placed in campus recruitment from my clg.

But tht fight changed my life. After tht fight i left home and stayed as paying guest in a place where i paid using the money i had while leaving home n in a week all the money i hv was over. I tried asking my friends for help but was of no use they knew tht i came out from my house so they didnt dare to help me.

In clg i had a friend named anusha.

I used to chat with her everyday n she likes me a lot. I used to not care much abt her but she loves me a lot. Now even after knowing tht i was sent off she came to help me. First she gave money. Then she asked if i wud marry her.

I said i came out of my house, i still didnt get joining letter from tcs, i hv no money hw ll ur parents agree to make me as ur husband? Then she said my father passed away recently so only if my mother agrees its enough n she never says no to me coz i am the only daughter to her.

So i said its ok for me if u dont hv any problem coz i found no other better way than marrying her. Then she said after our marriage u can come n stay in my house. I said ok. Then she took me to her house and introduced me to her mom n told her tht we both wanted to get married. Then her mom looked me from top to bottom and asked abt my family background. I told abt the quarrel i had n all the story. Then she asked hw ll u look after my daughter? I said i ll get the joining letter from tcs soon then i ll b earning 30k per month with which we can live happily.but she was not convinced she what if u dont get? Then in between anusha involved and told ger mom tht he ll surely get y r u questioning him so much.

Then her mom stopped questioning. Gave a wicked look at me n said i agree u both to get married but u hv to stay in my house till u get the joining letter. I felt very happy inside but i didnt show my happiness to her n said no way we ll take a flat for rent n stay. Then she immediately said in a stunning voice from where do u think u can get money to pay for the rent. Then i hv no words to say so i bent my gead down. So if u wanna marry my daughter u hv to stay in my house till u get job u hv no other go. Then i said ok n touched her feet for blessings. She was happy with tht n told within two days i ll arrange for ur narriage so get ready.

I shook my head n left to my room where i am staying as pg. I dont know whats happening but i am left with no choice. Two days passed by in no time.

Its my marriage day. It was arranged in temple by mother in law. Her name is sarada. She called all her friends for our marriage. Most of the members attended to the marriage are females. Finally all the rituals n all for the marriage are over. We left to her house after all the friends of my mother in law left.

Then after entering her house she warned me saying tht dont hv any family planning till u get job n settle. I was shocked i was actually eagerly waiting for our first night. But what to do i hv no other go.


Part - 2

From next day i hv enquired abt my joining letter i was told tht joining letters are being given batch wise based on marks as i hv secured less marks i may expect it little late. But its getting very late so i went in search for other jobs. But of no use due to my poor aggregrate marks i am not preferred in any job.

I told abt this to my wife. She was also upset. She went n said to her mom. Then her mom shouted at her tht i hv told u tht he ll not get job but u didnt listen to my words n got married to him. I listened to their conversation n went there to explain to mother in law. But of no use she scolded me also saying u r of no use, now u dont hv a job n u r burden to me n my daughter. Then anusha cooled her mom saying some convincing words like i ll b helpful to them in getting smtgs from outside n doing some works. Then her mom let us go.

Next day anusha was calling for maid to get coffee but even after calling for so many times she didnt come. She went to her mother n asked where is the maid? Then she said i asked her not to come from today coz our expenses are increasing n ur husband has added as extra burden to us. She also adviced anusha to get some help from me in getting things done.

Anusha came to me n told me the whole story. I said sorry to her for my inefficiency in getting job. I said i ll surely help her in some works. Then she asked me to go out n get milk packets so tht they can drink coffee. I went out n got milk packets. Then she started preparing coffee i was also by the side of her. She said u also learn hw to put coffee it ll b useful sometimes. I nodded my head n started keenly watching hw she is making coffee. Once the coffee is prepared she asked me to give a cup to my mother in law so tht she ll b happy. I went n gave her a cup. She was happy to see me to serve her a cup of coffee.

Meanwhile postman knocked the door.

My wife opened the door n took a letter from him. She saw at the letter n told happily its a joining letter. I was very happy tht i got the joining letter. But suddenly it striked me hw wud my joining letter come to their address i hv no where mentioned tht.

Then i ran to her to see what is tht. Then i foundout its joining letter onlyy but not mine but my wife's joining letter to IBM company n i was shocked.Actually i didnt tell abt my wife she is topper in the clg n she was placed in IBM in campus recruitment. Now she got the joining letter for tht.

My mother in law was also very happy tht her daughter got job. She saw at me n told see ur wife also got job n u didnt get. U r of no use atleast be a good husband by helping ur wife at home.

My wife also came to me n told tht from tmrw i ll b going to job so u n my mom has to stay in home wn i am in office so pls b kind to her n do what ever she says dont get into a fight with her.

Next day my wife left to office. Before leaving she told her mom tht Urvish said he ll b helpful to u so u can get some things done by him n pls dont shout at him.

I went to the hall way n my mother in law called me 'Urvish!! Come here...'

Then i went to her. She has a wicked smile on her face n said anusha told tht u ll b helping in getting smtg things done. Is it so?? Then i was shocked i actually dont know tht anusha told this to her mom also. I said yes aunty i ll help u. Then she immediately said get coffee for me anusha has taught u ryt?? o**!! I cant believe anusha has told all things to her mom. Anyways i know hw to make coffee so i said sure aunty i ll get it. Then i went to kitchen n started making coffee. I prepared coffee n got to her. She was smiling wn i gave her the cup. She then took a sip n shouted at me " what u want me die out of Diabetes or what?? How much sugar did u add?? Go prepare other one with less amount of sugar" I actually didnt observe hw much sugar my wife put to her mom.

So again i went to kitchen n prepared coffee again. This time i added less amount of sugar n brought it to her. She now sipped again n said good from next time u shud put only this amount of sugar. From tht i understood tht from now on she wants me to get her a coffee.


Part - 3

After having coffee she asked me to take the cup n clean it. I thought i have no choice other than doing what she asks me to do. I took the cup to kitchen n cleaned it.

Then she called me to the hall n asked me what r u gonna do for lunch today. I am shocked as everyday my wife n mother in law cook for lunch n i hv no clue hw to cook. I said au.. aun.. aunty.. By then she shouted anusha didnt learn u hw to cook?? I said no aunty. She said u r of great burden to us atleast become lil useful by doing smtgs for us.

Then she got up from her chair n took me to kitchen n said from today for a week i ll b showing u how to cook for lunch u shud make the same things for dinner of ur own. As usual i said ok aunty.

Then we started preparing lunch.We are gonna make potato fry she showed how to cut potato by cutting one potato n asked me to cut remaining potatoes as she showed. I did so n gave the cut pieces to her. She said good job u fit to b a good cook. I was surprised first time she said smtg good abt me. But tht too hv an inner meaning tht from now on u r gonna do the job of a cook.

Then we cooked food n after finishing cooking she sat on the dining table n asked me to serve her the food. I thought we both ll b eating lunch together but she made sure tht i ll eat only after she eats by ordering me to serve one after the other without giving any gap or asks me to get tht this if she thinks she needs some time to eat. So finally she has finished her lunch n asked me to get a finger bowl as like in a restaurant i got some water in a bowl with a slice of lemon then she cleaned her hand in the bowl. After tht she said clean the table i ll jst sleep for sometime she didnt even bother if i ll eat lunch or not.

Then i jst had some lunch n took all the dishes to kitchen to clean. Cleaned one after the other n put them in the shelf. It actually took so much time as i was not used to cleaning dishes n all. By the time i thought i ll jst sleep for some time my mother in law wakes up n shouts Urvish Urvish! Get some coffee. I thought my fate is so n went to kitchen again to make coffee. This time i remembered hw mch sugar to put n made coffee for her. I went to give her coffee then she asked me if have cleaned the dishes. I said yes aunty. She then said GOOD GIRL. I was shocked i thought she jst said it by mistake coz she is used to her daughter.


Part - 4

But i realised tht its not her mistake but was mine from the next statement. She said u shud actually b born as a girl than boy coz u do only girly things perfectly n doesnt fit to do any manly things.

Meanwhile to break our conversation my wife comes home. I n my mother in law stop our conversation n went into room. I asked my wife hw was her day to office. She said it was good n in return she asked me hw was mine?? I dont know what to say if i say smtg bad she ll surely tell tht to her mom so i said it was good only.

Then she said i was very tired i ll go freshup n come meanwhile can u get me coffee if u dont mind?? I was shocked i thought only my mother in law asks me to do all these things but even my wife started. I said ok without thinking for so much time. I went to kitchen n started preparing coffee. Meanwhile i listen my wife n mother in law talk to each other but i cant make out what they r talking abt. By the time i finished making coffee my has gone to take bath i put her cup on the table n gave the other cup with limited sugar to my mother in law. She was happy tht i prepared coffee even to my wife.

After taking bath for long time n freshing up my wife came to drink coffee by then the coffee got chilled n a layer of cream was formed on top. She took the cup saw tht n told me hw can i drink this. Prepare one more cup. I know smtg like this ll happen as daughter is same like her mother. I went to kitchen n made coffee again for her n served her hot coffee this time. I dont know what they talk but they kept on talking till from the time i started preparing coffee n stop wn i came to them with coffee.

Suddenly my mother in law asked me wn r u gonna start preparing dinner? I dont know what to do. I felt so embarrassed i cant even look up to them i jst put my head down n stood there. Meanwhile my wife was laughing n asked her mom what is he gonna prepare dinner?? But hw he doesnt even know how to cook. Then her mom replied morning i hv showed him how to make potato fry now he ll do tht n cook some rice for the dinner. My wife couldnt stop laughing n said is it so?? N remarked tht i guess u too hv become so close to each other in jst a day. She also added saying i thought u both ll b fighting each other by the time i come from office but great to see u both this way.

My mother in law signalled me to go n start preparing dinner by saying the potatoes r in refrigerator. I got it from the way she said n started going to kitchen when i observed my wife giggling.

She was very happy with the way i am reacting to her mother.

While i was busy in preparing dinner my wife came from behind n watched me chopping potatoes n broke out in laugh n suddenly tried to cover as if she didnt laugh by coughing n she moved from kitchen to cover it up. But i could hear her giggling sound while she is leaving. I again got back into preparing dinner. I took so much time to prepare dinner as it was my first time. Meanwhile my mother in law shouted from the hallway Urvish need any help?? I know tht she was expecting a NO from me. So i said in a low pitch. Then she replied good girl make it fast n this time i see both my wife n mother in law were giggling looking at each other. I behaved as if i didnt notice.


Part - 5

I finished cooking dinner. I brought all the vessels n arranged on the dining table. I went to hall way to say them that dinner is ready. Still they hv been talking i dont know what they hv so much to talk. I also didnt dare to ask any of them. I went there n slowly said dinner is ready. My wife started giggling again n my mother in law said okay u go we r coming. I went to dining table n sat. They after a lil while. By the sight of my mother in law i dont know y but i stood up.

They two took their seats. My mother in law again started to ask me serve tht this n all. This time my wife also added to tht. So they made sure tht i move tht side n this side by sitting opposite sides of tables n i restlessly served them. Being my first time time to cook i actually dont know hw mch rice n hw mch curry to cook. They almost finished everything not even bothering tht still i hv to eat. They finished eating n suddenly my mother in law shouted dont u know u hv to give finger bowls once we are some with eating?? n looked very angrily towards me. I said sorry sorry aunty gimme two min pls.. This time my wife broke out in laugh. I immediately went to kitchen n cut lemon into two slices put them in two bowls n filled them with water. I brought them to dining table n places them one infront of each. They washed their hands n went to hall to watch TV. I know what to do next. I need to clean dishes but i was very hungry saw if anything is left to eat. There is lil rice n curd left but no curry. So what to do i mixed lil water in curd n i poured into rice n mixed it. I ate tht its not bad but was in a very lil quantity. By seeing tht i remembered a scene in a movie wr a poor woman eats this having no money to eat smtg good. I thought my fate is so.

Then i moved all the dishes to kitchen n cleaned one by one. Then put them in the shelf. I was very tired i thought i ll go fresh up n sleep. So i went to them n said i ll go take bath. I felt very shameful asking them permission to take bath like a lil girl. Then my mother in law started thinking for a while. I was thinking she ll not let me go for bath directly smtg or other she ll ask me to do. My expectation was ryt she thought for sometime n said get mango juice for me n ur wife. Take the mangoes from fridge. I know there is no other option so i went to the refrigerator took two mangoes n started making juice. This alone i know i hv observed wn my mom does at home. I poured the juice into two glasses took them on a tray n served them as a waitress. They took the glasses n started sipping the juice. I asked can i go now. Now my wife shouted who ll take the glasses n clean them jst wait till we finish clean them n then go. I hv no other go. They were happily sitting on a sofa watching tv n drinking juice. I hv no place to sit it is a sofa set for three people to sit but they occupied the entire sofa by leaning on it relaxfully. So i stood beside them till the finished drinking. After they have finished i took glasses to kitchen n cleaned them. Now i again went to them n asked can i go for bath now? My mother in law said ok. I felt very happy tht i was allowed to go this time. I went n took bath n got ready to sleep. I know it ll b a problem if i dont inform them tht i am gonna sleep. So i went to them n said i am gonna sleep. My mother in law got angry coz instead of asking her permission i directly said i am gonna sleep. So she no y so early?? Come watch TV with us.

I stood there for sometime having no place to sit. Then my mother in law cunningly asks y dont u sit? I hv no answer i stood there without reply. She asked me to come n sit on the floor beside her. I felt ashamed by tht statement i stood there only with my face down. Then she shouted wn u dont feel shameful in not getting a job y do u feel ashamed of sitting on floor come fast!!

I went n sat beside her n started watching TV. Its some female dominating serial i guess. At tht time there was scene in the serial wr a woman gets her legs massaged by a man. My mother in law saw tht n immediately had a wicked smile on her face. Urvish my legs are aching can u jst massage?? o**!! I thought its like same scene in the serial. I hv no other go but to massage he legs. She put her legs down so tht i ll b able to massage them. I started massaging her feet. Meanwhile my wife started giggling. When i saw at my wife she stops giggling and says after finishing hers massage even my legs they are aching as i hv gone to office today.


Part - 6

I just nodded my head after my wife asked me to massage her legs also.While nodding my hair fell in my eyes. I dont remember last time wn i had my hair cut. It grew lil longer tht it fell in my eyes wn i nodded. So i stopped massaging my mother in laws legs n started adjusting my hair by putting it behind my ear. She jst saw y i gave a pause in massing seeing me adjusting hair she got angry coz of ur hair u stopped massaging??? In an anger tone she said go to ur wife's dressing table n get hair pins n comb. I was terrified from her words. She was angrily staring at me. I thought i ll b in trouble if i dont do. So i went to our room n got hair pins n comb from my wife's dressing table n handed them to my mother in law. She then ordered me to sit infront of her on floor turning towards TV while she is sitting on sofa. I sat there then she took comb n started combing my hair. She parted it at the centre n put one hair pin pulling hair on one side of the partition towards back side so tht it doesnt fall on my forehead. Sherepeated the same with the other side also. She finished combing my hair and asked me to turn her side to see how it looked. I feeling very shy turned towards them. My wife couldnt stop laughing. She is laughing very loudly. Then my mother in law said good girl now u start massaging my legs without pass. Then i continued massaging her legs.

While i was massaging her legs my mother in law asked my wife how i looked. To embarass me she again asked me to show my face by lifting it up. I lifted my head n showed to my wife. Then she laughed loudly n said to my mother in law tht he looks good in this hairstyle but... She gave a pause. My heart beat raises what is my wife gonna say now?? My mother in law also couldnt wait n asked but?? Then she said as we are used to see him with hair falling on his forehead now it seems his forehead is big n empty wn we put his hair back. She also said i guess it would b fine if we also add bindi to his forehead n started laughing falling on her mother. Then my mother in law said yes i think u r ryt. Sure we ll try tht n also see. She turned to me n said now go n get tht tilakam bottle from ur wife's dressing table go!! I felt very shy n bent my head down n went to our room again n got tht tilakam bottle still putting my head down i handed it to my wife. Now she asked me to sit infront of her facing her. I sat on the floor facing her. She bent forward holding the bottle in left arm she took the cap which contains small (tooth pick) like stick attached to cap with right hand. Now she catch hold of my neck by putting her left hand around my neck n using her right hand she puts a red dot at the centre of forehead between eyebrows. She admires her work by watching tht bindi mark on my forehead once she is satisfied she puts back the cap in the bottle. Still her both hands around my neck n says now its nice ur forehead doesnt look empty. Immediately my mother in law couldnt stop her anxiety n asks me to show my face to her. Listening tht my wife removes her hands around me. I with great shy lift my head n shows it to my mother in law she is also satisfied with what my wife did n said u r ryt anusha now his forehead looks fine. Then she added saying tht from now on u r not allowed to cut ur hair n u shud get it pinned everyday either by me or by my daughter n same with the case of bindi i should not see ur forehead without bindi. Everyday u shud ask me or my daughter to put it without fail wn we are free. If any day u dont find us free then u shud put it bu urself. But if i or my daughter find tht u hv no bindi mark on forehead any day u ll b punished. My face turned red with embarrassment n i put my head down n sat quietly. Then my mother in law shouted is it clear to u?? I jst nodded. To which my wife again started laughing. Then i again continued massaging my mother in law legs. She put the other leg forward when she felt satisfied massaging one leg i hv massaged her other leg also then she said ok now massage ur wife's

I got up went n sat infront of her on the floor she very happily left her legs to me foe massaging n involved in watching serial. As before i massaged her one leg n after tht the other. I dont know y i was feeling better to massage the legs only after my hair was pulled back tightly n pinned. I actually liked tht way of my hair but i didnt show my comfort to them.

After tht i also got involved in watching serial when i see a woman's hair in the serial i remember of my hair n i get excited i dont know y it is so. We watched it till the end.


Part - 7

Then my mother in law asked to put those comb n tilakam bottle back to dressing table i went n put them back wn i reached there to put i saw my face in the mirror n i felt what my wife said was right only with tht bindi mark my forehead doesnt look empty. I started watching myself in the mirror n involved in it forgetting the surroundings. I was brought back to the world by the shout of my mother in law hey Urvish what r u doing?? bring water for us. I immediately ran to kitchen n got two glasses of water for them. They drank water i went n put the glasses back in the kitchen.

Then we three of us slept off. I felt very nice to sleep with my hair pinned in tht way. Next morning my wife woke me up n asked me to prepare coffee while she is still laying on bed. I went prepared coffee for my wife n mother in law. I woke my wife up n served her bed coffee. She was happy with tht. I also went to my mother in law n slowly woke up her up n served her also with bed coffee.

Next my wife started getting ready for her office. I washed my faced n started preparing breakfast for my wife n mother in law. Mean while i got remember of what my mother in law told me last night abt my hair n bindi. I went to mirror n saw myself as washed my face bindi was gone off and coz of sleeping my hair was also out of order. As soon as my wife got ready to office i served her with the tiffin. While serving her i slowly whispered to her to please put a bindi mark n comb my hair otherwise my mother in law would get angry. She was laughing at the way i was asking. I felt very shy put my head down. She said i hv no time to comb ur hair its time for my office go get tht tilakam bottle i ll put bindi. Get ur hair combed by my mother. I hv no option but to go n get tilakam bottle. I brought it n gave it to her after finishing eating breakfast she washed her hands n took the bottle to apply bindi. She asked me kneel down to put bindi. I felt very embarassed but after uttering those words i am immediately on my knees she was standing. She bent a lil n put bindi for little a time. I was wondering y she was taking time as the day before she put in no time. I came to know abt tht only when i went to see myself in mirror after she left to office. I found out tht today she didnt put a dot instead she put a feminine design of bindi on my forehead. I really liked tht design. I again started staring at my face in the mirror.

As usual my mother in law broke my attention by asking me to serve her the breakfast. I went to her n started serving breakfast she saw at my firehead n was laughing to see my forehead with such a feminine bindi mark. She asked me who put tht to u. I said anusha put tht to me. She then said good thts really nice on u. I saud thanks without knowing y i replied so. She then has an angry look fir my hair to b in disorder. I am abt to explain tht my wife has no time to comb n all but she didnt listen she said after her break fast she wud comb his hair in stern voice. I said ok n served her breakfast. After finishing eating she took me to my wife,dressing table. Made me sit on the floor she sat on the seat wr my eife sits to put make up infront of mirror. I was sitting at her feet with my legs folded with knees up n my arms around my knees like a small girl waiting for her mother to comb hair. She then took oil bottle n applied to my hair so tht it would b easy to comb. Now she took comb n started parting my hair in the middle. I thought as yesterday she would pin it. But i was wrong she took a rubber band n grabbed most of the hair on one side of the partition n put the band around it n twisted the band and again put it arnd the hair for it to b tight.

She did the same thing on the other side also to get more hair into the band she pulled my hair tightly to get them closer. I felt painful wn she is doing tht but didnt make any sound thinking she would shout if i do so. But i really started enjoying it. Once she finished doing it both sides she took the comb n pulled some strands of short hair to fall on my forehead. She made sure tht these strands fall around my bindi n not on it. Now my bindi is also seen between those strands at centre. Now i was asked to turn back as she wants too see how i look. I tuened back then she is satisfied by my look. I look like a little girl with tht two pig tails n bindi. She make sure tht the bands are tight by pulling the pigtails with two hands.


Part - 8

I was feeling very nice with my hair been pulled tightly n put in bands. I felt i was under total control of my mother in law wn ever i think of my hair. She asked me to go n clean the floor by sweeping n after tht i shud wipe with wet cloth. She has been examining my work of cleaning wnever she wasnt satisfied she wud pull my pigtail n ask me clean there clean here. Finally she made me clean whole house. Then she asked me to wash clothes. I took them to bathroom n started washing them. She asked me to put the bathroom door open so tht she can see how i clean them. I started cleaning one by one. First came my wife's nighty. I started washing it. While washing i felt very nice how the cloth felt i was staring at it i took it n put it infront of me as if i was seeing how it looks on me. But i didnt know y i did it. Mean while my mother in law observed n broke my attention by making sound like coughing but she actually didnt get cough i could understand it from the way she coughed. I turned towards her she has a wicked smile. I continued to wash all the clothes n i took all of them to terrace n spread them on the wire to let them for drying then i returned down n put the bucket in bathroom.

My mother in law then called me into our room. I went there. Then she asked me to remove my clothes. I refused to do so. She came near with angry face n sateted pulling my pig tails tightly n murmering u r of no use to us but a great burden n all. I felt great pain in my head n i felt i am under her total control when she started pulling my hair. I removed my shirt n pant. I am on my underwear infront of my mother in law. She took a nighty of my wifes n asked me to wear tht. I hv no choice but to wear it. I put on the nighty. Then she was saying this is what u want ryt?? I jst put my head down with shame. Then she said from now u shud stay in this we couldnt increase our burden by buying new clothes. So u can wear ur clothes wn u go out. At home wear these.

With tht i was shocked n i was thinking wn wud i actually go out? Then she said come today i ll show you other curry how to make.

Then i followed her to kitchen. Today we are gonna make brinjal fry. As usual she shows how to cut brinjal by cutting one n asks me to do the rest. Finally i prepared lunch eith her help. Like the say before she made serve her lunch n after tht she slept. Then i had my lunch, cleaned dishes. I know i ll not b allowed to sleep coz my mother in law ll wake up in no time n asks for coffee. So i went to our room n started seeing myself in the mirror. I really liked the way i looked. I first time felt i am getting hard looking at the bindi, the way my hair is combed n the the smooth touch of the nighty. Soon my mother in law called me for coffee as expected. I ran to kitchen prepared coffee n served to her.

My wife returns home. She sees me with tht hair style n in her nighty n gets shocked. She goes to her mom n asks in an amazing tone what is this mom?? Then my mom replies in a mischief tone "YOUR WIFE"

My wife starts laughing. She laughs so loud n long till she feels pain in her stomach for laughing tht long. Then she comes to me kiss me on my cheeks n compliments cute girl. My face turned red with embarrassment n i put my head down. Then my wife goes to her mom n advices her he no longer should be called Urvish. He should b called by a name which suits him no sorry which suits her n she again starts to laugh. Then my mother in law also joins her daughter n says ya what u said is ryt. Hw can she still b called by the name Urvish. With those remarks i lost all my male ego. I felt i was under their total control.

My mother in law thinks for a while n says from today she should be called "Urvashi" She asks her daughter hw is the name. Anusha replies excellent mother. She agains started laughing saying Pu.. Hahaha Urvi.. Hahahahaah.. Urvashi hahahahaha. Then she finally calls me Urvashi come here. I felt very shy n went to my wife with my head down. To make me feel more embarrass my mother in law asks me do u like ur name Urvashi??

I stand there with my head down without saying anything. Then my wife says i think she likes it mom she is feeling very shy.


Part - 9

After tht they both started calling me Urvashi!! I also got used to tht very quickly. Then both of them started to ask me to do girly things. My mother in law asked me to get those clothes from terrace and fold them. I brought them from terrace put them on cot n started folding them. I was admiring at each feminine cloth the way it feels. My mother in law n wife has observed tht they didnt say anything then. I finished folding clothes then my mother in law asked to pluck jasmine flowers from the jasmine plant behind our house. I was afraid to go backside of house as there are apartments behind our house with some of the flats having their balconies facing towards us. So i was afraid if someone would see me in this nighty n find out tht i am male wearing nighty. So i took a dupatta of my wifes dress covered my face with tht n went out to pluck jasmine flowers with a small basket. My mother in law n wife were watching me n giggling. I plucked so many jasmines n put them in basket n came inside. My wife asked me to make garlands of jasmines to put to god. Some to put in their hair. I sat down with basket of flowers infront of me. I took thread and needle n started making garlands. I pass the thread to the tht small stud of jasmine n tie a knot arnd it them pass it through the next jasmine n so on. Like tht i started making chain of jasmines. I made a long chain with all jasmines. My wife n mother in law came to me once i am done with it. My wife cut the chain into pieces. With on piece of chain she made a garland by tying the both ends. Then she took one piece folded it twice n plucked some part of hair at back n inserted tht in tht so tht it falls hanging back on either sides. She took another piece n inserted in her mothers hair. I was shocked coz in our place there is a custom tht a wife whose husband is dead shouldnt put jasmines in hair. But i didnt dare to ask her. She even has bindi on forehead, bangles in both hands, gold chain, black beeds chain, mangalsutra arnd neck, earrings... Which all shouldnt be worn by a widow woman.

After putting tht jasmines in my mother in laws hair my wife is left with a small chain of jasmines. She cut tht into two pieces of very short chains n tied them in to circular band type by tying the two ends of each piece. Now i was in shock she started moving with tht two small bands of jasmines towards me. I understood only then tht they are for me. She put those two bands of jasmines one around each pig tail. o** my face turned dark red with shame i cannot raise my head up. I put it down. My wife pulled the pigtails tight n made sure tht they werent loose.

Now she handed tht big garland of jasmines which she made first to me n asked me to go to the pooja room. I went there they followed me. She asked me to put tht garland to Gods photo n do pooja. I actually dont know how to do pooja. She also knows tht but she wants me to do pooja like good wife. So she handed one mantras book n asked me to study tht loudly i did as she said by sitting down infront of the gods photo they also sat behind me. Once i am done with pooja they asked me to take the harathi plate put some camphor (karpuram) n lit it as harathi n rotate it around gods photo. I did so n showed towards them. They took there hands put them above the harathi n put to their eyes n prayed after tht i placed the plate down n i did so as they did. Then my wife asked me hand her the container of kumkam (kumkam barina) to put it on her forehead. I took tht plate containing tht kumkam container and rice grains which are priorly mixed with turmeric powder which are used for blessing. She took so much of kumkam between t********** (thumb n index) then i thought she ll put on her forehead. But i was wrong she asked me to come close. I went near by her n bent my head in shame. She started moving her thumb finger from start of the partition of my hair to my mid part part of head. I was shocked she put kumkam in the partition of my hair like an indian traditional wife. She asked me to touch hers n her mothers feet for blessings. I offered her plate of food grains n touched her feet like a good wife who respects her husband. She threw those grains on my head n blessed. Then i moved to my mother in law with tht plate she also blessed me.

I jst started thinking of myself. I am at my mother in laws feet with feminine bindi on at my forehead, with two pigtails n jasmine bands around them, kumkam like sindoor in the patition of my hair n wearing a nighty. o** i am no more a male. But i liked it to surrender to them as a submissive woman i dont know y. They also like to dominate me like tht.


Part - 10

Then it was time for preparing dinner. My mother in law asked me to go n prepare tht brinjal curry which she showed me in the morning. I went to kitchen n started preparing dinner. They both sat on sofa as usual in the hall n started watching TV. While i was preparing dinner to make fun of me they use to call me by the name Urvashi n say one or the other work like get water, get the cordless phone n all... I was also enjoying tht. Finally i hv prepared dinner lil late than usual coz of this. Then i went n informed them dinner is ready. They moved to dining table finished their dinner n again left to hall. After having my dinner i brought all the dishes to kitchen to wash them. Today i was very tired doing all the works so i want to finish the cleaning of the dishes fast so tht i can go to bed early than the time i would go to bed if i do it at my usual speed. While doing the dishes so fast one of the ceramic plate fell down n broken into pieces making a big sound. This made my mother in law n wife to run n come to me in no time. My mother in law in stern voice asked me what happnd??

I in a low voice said tht i was cleaning the plate lil faster than usual n then it slipped off my hand n fell down. Then my morher in law started shouting at me tht i was of no use to them n in addition am becoming great burden to them by increasing their expenses. I said i am sorry. But it was of no use. My wife took it from there n said to her mom tht he was not able to control the speed of his arms in cleaning the dishes let us control it. I was shocked by tht. My mother in law said yes u r ryt anusha but how?? Then she said to slow down his hand movements in cleaning the dishes let us add something to his hands. Then she said to her mom tht hw ll it be if we put bangles to his hands?? Then my mother in law praised her daughter for the great idea n ordered me to go n get the two dozens(24) of glass bangles from the pooja room which were placed near the goddess. I know what to do not to talk n get tht. I did so i went to the pooja room saw near the goddess photo was kept two dozens of Red colour semi transparent bangles placed in a plate. I took the entire plate carefully to them. My mother in law took a dozen of glasses n started putting them into one of my hand. It was actually hurting. But i was enjoying it with embarrassment putting my head down. She was done with putting the dozen bangles in one hand she asked anusha to put the rest in other hand. My wife started pulling them through the other hand. She was also done with doing tht in no time. Now i put my both hands down slowly as it was making sound. Then my wife said "see mom i guess now he is slow in his hand movements what do u say??" Then my mother in law replies "yes! U are ryt from now on these bangles ll remember him not to speed up in cleaning the dishes." Then she turned to me n said "did u understand?? From now on u shud always have these bangles in ur hands without fail. If we dont find bangles arnd ur hands or if any of the bangles get broken u ll b punished.did u get it??" I jst bend my head down n nodded my head. Then she asked me to pick those broken pices throw them off in the dustbin n continue doing my dishes. I brought a broom n took the pieces n threw them in dustbin. Then i continued to cleaning the dishes. They stood behind me n are watching me cleaning the dishes with bangles on my hand. I am also very excited cleaning the dishes with bangles on my hand making tingling sounds while moving my hands n over tht under their supervision doing this makes me feel wonderful.


Part - 11

After tht i hv completed cleaning vessels. They both hv gone to hall to watch television. I hv also gone to hall to sit with them n watch as usual they sat on the sofa while i sat on the floor near their feet. While we are watching the serial in tht a scene comes where husband is applying nail polish to wife's feet. Immediately smtg striked to my wife with a wicked smile she said 'hey Urvashi!! My nails r not looking pretty good. So paint them.' I was in a lil shock hw fast could she catch the idea from the scene n implement it. While i was thinking abt tht she intervened shouting 'Urvashi!!! What r u waiting for?? Go get the nail polish set from my dressing table.' I immediately got up n ran to our room n took the nail polish set n while getting it back to the hall in a hurry i hit the dustbin at the corner of the hall with my feet. The dustbin fell lil away with all the waste spilled on the hall floor. Immediately my mother in law shouted ' hey Urvashi!!! Where do u keep ur eyes while walking?? N y do u run like tht cant u walk?? ' i dont know what to say i ran only coz if i get late again they ll shout. My wife said ' ok now put tht nail polish set here go get the broom n sweep tht dust put tht in dustbin n come back Urvashi' i went n brought the broom n started sweeping. While i was sweeping the bangles r making tingling sounds. I couldnt move my hands fast. One hand i put behind my back in other hand i hold broom n bent a lil to reach the floor with the broom. Like a proper lady i was sweeping the floor. Meanwhile my wife n mother in law ll show dust here n there n ll ask me to sweep tht. ' hey Urvashi here hey Urvashi there' i was now very mch used to the name as soon as they call me with tht name i started responding quickly without any delay.finally i was done with lifting the dust n putting tht in dustbin. I went back to them n sat on the floor facing my wife near her feet. She asked me to open the set. I opened she took a while to select the colour. Then she chose bright orange colour. She asked me to apply tht nail polish to her nails. She said to do it properly without spilling it to the fingers. She asked use tht cotton to avoid spilling. I took some cotton splitted it into some separate pieces n put each piece between the t********** of her each feet. Now i took the orange nail polish bottle took the cap which also hv the attached brush. Dip tht into the bottle n then started applying to her feet. I did it slowly coz of the fear tht i may spill it somewhere n also the bangles to my hands also made my hand movements slow like a woman. While i was painting my mother in law n wife were talking to each other. My mother in law was asking my wife what to do to make Urvashi walk slower so tht next time anything like kicking the dustbin n all willnot happen. Then my wife thought for a while n with a smile told will making him wear anklets solve the problem?? Then my mother in law immeadiately said ' great idea anusha!!! It should work. U proved urself as my daughter. Lets try it after he has done painting "our" feet' with tht words from my mother in law i got to know tht even my mother in law wants to get her nails painted n how they wants to forcibly change my actions like

*to cut down the expenses they are forcibly making me cook n work as maid

*to make my hair not to b the reason for taking a break in doing some work like massaging their feet they forcibly comb it into pigtails n pinned it

*to cut off my male ego they forcibly put me in my female dress like nighty

*to control my fast hand movements they forcibly made me wear bangles

*n now to control me from running here n there they are gonna forcibly make me wear anklets

Even though i came to know this i cant do anything but do as they say. But i am liking this forcible change.

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