Singh boy with long hair become a girl

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Posted On December 23, 2018

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Sangeeth sing and his family are living in Delhi as the name indicate he is a sing his fathers name was preetham sing but he is no more he died when he is only 8 his mother seetha is working in a government office she is a Tamil women they are love married when they are studying in same collage Sangeeth is only child in house he is young cute whitish short and slim figure with a big turban on head he lived with his mother grand mother and aunty ,his moms sister is a divosie and she is working in a textiles as an accountant her name is swetha she is young and cute like his mom his grand mother is still cute at the age of 47 she wear beautiful sarees and ornaments and very good in classical music they three lived in a traditional way of Tamils wake up early bath early put tulsi leaf on hairs. wear beautiful sarees when they go out or salvar in day time and nighty in night they three have long beautiful hair too After his fathers death his mom have decided that he should live like a sing as his father was 9/22/09 jaya

Sangeeth was not good in studies but good in singing and dancing his aunt taught him some steps of classical dance his mother too know some but they tell your face will not show any sought of expressions. though he is living with 3 women's he is very shy in nature and do not talk too much also he don't have company with other boys the only company of him is sneha another Tamil family living in same town she always talk so much about all thing and always play on him she always laughed at him saying boy with big head. His turban is very big that is why….

But when he completes the pedigree education he wants to join b- Ed collage. he got admission in a collage at panipat he stay there and studied when he went to study outside he is completely changed he will not sit in his house he comes very late in night when he is in house and speak little to his relatives they always complain him about his nature and also force him to sit in his house. while he go out he smokes a lot and his mom and aunty always advise him about this bad this habit .

One day when he is coming to delhi from panipat he arrived there in late knight but that day was a strike in delhi so his mom told him that stay in snehas house which is near to railway station.he reached there at 11 30 night on next day sneha wake up early and went to Sangeeths room with a cup of tea she was shocked, he is sleeping in a pyjama only. his turban was tied out and his hair was loose over his back it was below his hips and nice silky and beautiful like a lady when he open his eyes he jumped and tie his hair but she said no she want to see his hair ones more and she called her mom she was also shocked and said it so nice and if sneha have this much hair she should combed it daily and wear beautiful flowers on it he said it is common for sings and I also do my hair secretly I never show my hair to my mom or any one yet ,they never asked me till now to show my hair she said your mom granny and aunt have beautiful hair so this is hereditary 9/22/09 jaya

When he went home 3 women's are waiting with a smile and asked him to show his hair and said that sneha told them about in phone he don't agreed first but at last he show it seeing this his aunty put a hair clip on his hair and said see mom his hair is longer than we three while they talk grandma took his jasmine flower from her hair and fix it on his hair and said boy if u are a girl I will definitely comp your hair daily and fix jasmine flowers on it . mom asked him that if she give a saree and blouse will he wear ,aunty also told that he look so cute in a saree but he does not agree and escaped from there....

In that year he got dismissed from collage for entering collage by drinking liquor but he did not said this in his house and stay in hostel one day his mom got letter from collage and they went there become so angry with him the management said that only way is pay a good amount of fees and a punishment transfer to any where at last I heard that all seats were filled in all collages so I got a special massage from them that there is a vacancy in a women's collage in Delhi there special rule that every women's collage can admit one male student I am in a confusions but mom and aunty was compelling me and they forcefully joined there with out my permission and said that if you want to study you can join there this is a small punishment On the first day when I go to collage there is some senior girls they are the most dangerous they ragged all girls come around me and told me to tied out long hair turban. All are wondered when they saw my long hair. It was long below my hips some ladies come to me and hold my hand in back and 2 ladies come forward and braid my long hair then they fix a bunch of jasmine flowers in it and said this is the way for you to come to collage principal hear this warn that girls but he continued his bad habbits and behave very badly to his family members 9/22/09 jaya

After some days it was study leave so he go every time outside and do not study any thing one day he become sick and coughing badly seeing this his mom went with him to doctor, the lady doctor asked did u smoke he hesitatingly said yes on that day sneha said to mom that he smokes very badly that day his mom did not allow him to go out on next day he went secretly out side and smoke again on his come back his mom said you should sit in house and take rest for a month so your disease may go and your smoking habit may become less more over you can study your lessons in study leave he said no mom it is so boring to sit between three ladies their murmurings about others, saree styles, tele serials …..I am a boy I am not interested in their topics more over I hate these ladies groups and said I am not going to change my habits and I will go out when ever I like ,try your level best to stop me going out

When he came back 3 women's are discussing about his smoking they told him not to smoke but he did not hear it on that day night he have some breathing problem 3 women's in the house where so worried and called doctor she said them that he have some infection in lungs and want to take rest and do not smoke for a month and she gave a address of de addiction centre for stimulants they gave a pack of medicine to them and told patient should take rest for a month 9/22/09 jaya

On that night the three ladies discus very seriously about his habbit and misbehaving aunty said that he should get some punishment for insulting ladies. mom also agree but main problem is how to tie him in house for a month minimum .grandma said I have an idea do it and she said to her daughters.when they call him he is in bath room mom said . mom said there is surprise after bath when he came back his mom said give me your dirty dress he handed it and now standing in a towel then aunty came in and give him a knighty

He said it is a nighty?

Mom; yes it is a nighty Wear this

He; No way

Mom; Why

He; I want my dress

Mom; this is your dress

He; No I don't like it

Mom; Ok then I will give you some thing else

And she called aunty

She bought a salwar and shall

Aunty; did u like it

He; No

Aunty; Oh no so only option is you should wear saree and blouse

He; Why

Aunty; You said try your level best to stop me going out and u badly said about our dresses and styles so u should get a small punishment for that you should know the feeling of wearing ladies dress and if u like it fully we four can use same wardrobe and our expanse can brought down

Mom; you must wear these dresses and if you want to go out then you can go out in this dress

He; Please mom

Aunty; No boy

Mom; None of your dress is going to get for a month

Aunty; You can wear any of these dresses or stay there only in a towel

Then they left room .after some times grand mother came in and sat with him

Boy you are the only expectation of our 3 but you don't have any attachment to us and now a days you are walking in a bad ways so we want to control it you know when your father died your mom was mentally upset for 2 or 3 years same case in your aunt when she become divorced I know how much they love you and we three ladies need a man to support us 9/22/09 jaya

Hearing this he cried and hugs his grandma and asked what I want to do.

She smilingly show all type of dresses said wear this

He tearfully said I love you grandma and I love you 3 too and obey what ever you want and any dress you said.....

Hearing this grandma hug me and said I like you my son I really dreamed about a grand daughter but god would not give me one so you should allow me to see a daughter in you and take a blue cotton saree blouse b** petticoat p**** and said this is dress you want to wear

He was surprised but he allowed

She handed him the matching blouse. When she pulled it up and clasped the hooks at the front, it fitted him so perfectly that no one would have believed that it was not stitched for him. It covered shapely b******, standing out proudly she said to me that this is his aunt's .granny said when we have planed this all of us said that her blouse should fit for me now wear this petticoat She was holding a light blue colored petticoat made out of linen. Her petticoat covered his lover pats and legs. Then she picked up the six-meter long sari and laughed at started tying it around me. Granny is an expert on wearing saree he stand there calmly she said I will show how my grandson look beautiful in saree

Then she gave her long chain and 6 bangles 3 each in one hand her angle belt for him to wear ,and when she fixed these items on him and she gave her ear jumka to him and fixed on his ears she then applied make up on his face lined his eyes bindi light lipstick on him and said boy I have one wish too

He asked what

She said take your turban

He do what she said and she braid his long beautiful hair below his hips she then fixed the jasmine flowers which is in her hair

When he looked to mirror he was stunned and his grandma too…. she cried with joy and surprise and said to there daughters stay in front of door a nice seen for you and ................

when door opened both of them sat on sofa with surprise both of them came near me and said from today you are our daughter not son mom said that he looks more beautiful if he have a nose stud

Grandma said we can put hole on his nose tomorrow itself

Aunty said if he is our daughter there is so many boys roam near our house and a plenty of love letters must be there on our letter box hearing this all of us laughed

Grandma said after you recover from desease you should continue your classical dance class

On next day aunty brought 3 knighies 3 petticoat and 4 brassieres

Mom brought one golden chain some bangles ear jumka sticker nose stud payals

On that study leave every day he wear sarees or salwars in day time and nighty in night .he learn very much his subjects and passed the exams in flying colors his smoking hobby is gone

After that he spends all time in house practice dance moments with his aunty now his feminity is increased. Then aunt, mom and granny sent him Hyderabad for degree course in kuchipudi dance. Now he is the leading female role player in kuchipudi dramas in south India. he can not do male roles because of his nice sweet long hair which is below his hips.

He helps them in cooking and cleaning and washing and likes to wear nighty all the time when he is ni house with out his turban. And we four become good company grandma every day comb his hairs and arrange jasmine flowers on it and our house become like a ladies hostel....



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