Teenage Kanish Become Kanisha A Crossdressing Story

by admin

Posted On December 29, 2018

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The Beginning

I was born in a business family, who had made millions by selling basic products. In spite of all the richness and wealth, we still followed an ago old tradition of a joint family. My father had three younger brothers and two sisters, thus making a huge family. Over the years as each of my uncle and aunt were married off and started their own families my grandfather decided that each of his son can have a separate house to live under one condition, that all of us need to unite on major occasions and that we all had to live in the vicinity. This arrangement was liked by everyone and was endorsed by each member.

Thus in the month of October, I was born into a wealthy business family. Even though I was a fourth, but two of my elder siblings had died early. The age difference between me and my elder brother was almost 10 years; as a result I hardly interacted with him. All my uncles were blessed with female child, even though our family never differentiated between a girl and a boy, but everyone loved me a bit more. Bearing my elder brother and my aunts children I was the only male child among 8 other children in the family. Thus I was pampered a lot by everyone.

I was put in one of the best schools by my parents, I was an average student, but was always in trouble due to the pranks I played on others (especially fellow girl students). Since I was pampered a lot, I was never ever punished and would always get away with things I did.

By the time I was in 9th standard I had become a macho man of a sought. Since I was rich who could spend money, I was adored by all. Times were changing fast and so were my hormones level and up to some extent encouraged by movies, I along with some other friends of mine began to experiment with s**. It was fun to sleep with girls and then boost it among the friends. The number of girls with whom I would sleep was growing with every passing day and the worst part was the abuse I used to hand over to the girls after s**.

The Mistake and the change

My cousin’s would always jealous me as I was pampered a lot and also due to the fact that I used to tease them for being a girl. I would always tease them about cooking, knitting and many other things usually associated with girls. I would ask them to wait for hours and boost that since I am a boy I cannot be told anything. I always believed that thought that I was on the cloud nine, but that was soon going to change.

It was November and I was enjoying a midterm break from school. A bird had constructed its nest on the parapet at our house, and it resulted in the entire house getting dirty as it was attracting lots of insects. One day a small insect escaped from the nest and landed at the bathroom. It was carrying a small flesh eating parasite. The parasite was released it in the toilet where it waited for its next host. I was back after playing outside, and the moment I dashed in, I emptied three cans of soda in one go. I caught my cousin enjoying her favorite television show and I changed channel much to her protest. She tried to argue but I gave her boy-girl pep talk and she teased her again for born as a girl. After a while I felt an urge to pee, I dashed to washroom to relieve myself. While I was peeing I felt a p**** as if some needle had been inserted inside me, but I simply ignored it.

Nothing changed for the next two days. On third day I developed a high fever with a burning pain around my groin. I was immediately taken to a doctor, who suspected an infection and gave me some medicines. My condition deteriorated over the next few days and had to be moved to a hospital.

My condition was somehow now stable, but a bombshell was about to be dropped on me. The various tests which were conducted had discovered the parasite, and it had entered me via my p****. The good news was that it was still present in the p**** only and not moved to any other area, the bad news was that it had my completed eaten my testicles and had damaged beyond repair many important tissues of my p****. The only way it could be removed was by removing the entire groin area.

The news was devastating for everyone, left with no option but to save my life, the doctors were given a go ahead to perform the surgery.

Since there was no scope to repair the damage, it was decided that I would be transformed into a women with the help of a surgery. As soon as this news was broken to me, I cried and asked them not to do it. The mere thought of becoming women was killing me, but no one listened to me.

Thus after a grueling surgeries which lasted for a 10 odd days, I was transformed into a girl with vaginia and small b*****, and a body to kill for. The moment I saw myself I wished to kill myself.

Journey and a Fresh Start

I was terrified to encounter my cousins and friends, and wished that the situation to be a dream. I requested my parents not to allow anyone to visit me and it was agreed upon. I dreaded the time when I would be discharged from hospital, but soon the time came and i was certified by the doctors to be okay. My mother was very happy as I was alive and she was consoling me that everything would be okay. I wept in her lap and asked her to help which she promised. She had brought some clothes and as she handed over the packet, she asked me if I need any help. I took the packet and moved to the wash room. Post my surgery I had to struggle with many things. My center of gravity had changed due to the b******, I had to sit every time I had to pee all these thing were driving me nuts. After reliving myself I opened the bag to find a t-shirt, denim, skirt, b** and p****. The vey sight of b** and skirt reminded me of my fate again and tears started rolling down my cheeks. My mother called me and asked if I need any help. I answered negative, my mother further called and said that I could wear denim if I wish. I removed hospital gown and keeping aside b** picked up t-shirt and wore it. I avoided p**** and wore denim and wrapped b** and p**** in the skirt and packed it back in the bag.

I came out and handed over the bag to my mother and started wearing shoe. My mother could guess that I was not wearing a b**, to ensure it she came to me and patted my back. I kept quiet and she also did not say anything. The doctor came and advised me on the medicines and left. I moved to the car my mother insisted that she would travel alone with me, and my father instantly agreed, I wished to avoid it at any cost but none agreed. Thus I along with my mother and started a journey towards home. The nylon in the tshirt was killing me and was hurting my n******, it was the worst time for me and sensing it, my mother asked me if I was feeling uncomfortable? I told her that everything was okay. After a while she said that I need to understand that a women body has certain requirements and needs. She was ready to help me understand the needs and cope with them. I wanted to run away but I replied yes I would do it.

The moment I reached home, everyone was waiting for me. The entire clan was there. The moment I entered, every member of my extended family burst into tears as they were pleased to see me alive. I was hugged by everyone to my displeasure. My cousins also hugged me and everyone was patting my back to ascertain if I was wearing b** or not. Rub against the fabric made my n****** sore. I quickly moved to my room and took off the tshirt and jeans. I opened drawer to find a stack of bras along with p****** and my old stuff missing. I opened my secret compartment and brought out my old undies and an undershirt and wore them. My old underwear felt bit odd and as if was out of place. I wore shorts and quickly wore a half sleves shirt as I heard a knock on my door.

The first Encounter

I asked who it is. It me beta, Mom, came the answer. Before I could react, the door opened and mom came inside. How are you feeling beta? She asked. The word beta struck me hard as it reminded me of the accident. Tears automatically started rolling down my cheeks. Before I could react, mom said why are you crying beta? You think life is over due to this accident? Let me correct you it is not, be brave and strong, look at me am I a woman, your aunt they are a woman, and you are….. before she could complete her statement, i started crying a loud, as a very thought of becoming a woman was enough for me to break down. Sensing it, mom held me in her arms and tried to pacify me. She was generally patting my back, and I felt she is verifying if I have worn a b** or not. This made me cry harder.

Mom tried to pacify me and soon was joined by my aunts as well. Since it was becoming difficult to con troll me, they gave me sedatives mixed with water and I after a while I felt my heaviness in my eyes and slept, with mom besides me.

Finally I woke up after 4 to 5 hours, it was evening time, and I had to relieve myself. I walked into washroom and opened zip of my short tried to relieve my bladder. As soon as I tried to reach out for my p****, did I realize and remember the incident. I lowered my shorts and underwear and sat to pee.

Coming out of the washroom, I found a note on the table. It was from mom. It read “I know that you are going through a difficult time, and we wish to help you in every way. In case you feel like taking a help call me. Mom” Not knowing what to do and totally uncertain about my future, I decided to call her. I picked up my phone and text her that I am ready.

In no time I heard a knock and in came my mom, dad and my aunt. Before I could say anything dad spoke “it is very important for us to act and behave like a family. What has happened was most unfortunate but we have to live with it. What is more important is that we all are together” Saying this he said that he would always love me. There was a complete silence, which was broken by mom. She handed over a few pills and a glass of water, saying that it was necessary for me to continue taking medicine (hormones). Sensing the pause, mom told my aunts to leave us alone for a while. Once they left, mom asked me if I require any thing. I said no. She turned towards my dad and asked about my school. The very mention of the words send down shivers down my spine, I looked at my dad and asked him “is it necessary”? He looked at me and said yes it was unless you agree to. I looked at him as to what he means, mom broke the news, and she said that we can work out on an arrangement but I also need to agree to certain points. What points do I need to agree upon and what arrangement was to be made I enquired. Mom responded that I can continue with my studies from home for the few months and the same has been agreed by the school as well. This sounded like a sweet music as it mean that I would not be facing my fellow classmates and friends for a good few months. But in return I had to agree on few essential things. I asked what I was supposed to do in return. My mom took out a list a list and starting reading out. I would have to take my medicines regularly no matter what. I instantly agreed. I would have to do all the tasks asked by doctor, I agreed. Follow doctors chart, again I agreed, I would have to grow my hair and get my ears and nose pierced. It felt as if a bomb had been dropped on me. I tried to argue but had to agree as I wanted to avoid going to school for the fear of facing my friends.

Immediately my aunt walked into the room, with a spirit bottle and a needle and asked me to hold tight. My other cousins had also joined her, but I asked them to be left out. They tried to protest but had to leave room.

I was asked to remain still and felt a sharp p**** first in my left ear, followed by right and then on my nose. It was painful, but more painful was the sensation of some foreign material around my ear and nose.

My mom and aunt left room while discussing something and I was left alone. Suddenly the door opened and all my cousins, all of them entered my room. Common why are you not ready. Ready for what I tried to enquire and what are you doing in my room I shouted. The eldest one responded that it was time for vaginal dilation as advised by doctor, and they were here for that only. I tried to protest but they would not listen. My cousins pounced on me and held me back against the bed. The eldest cousin Mita, opened my shorts and lowered it down. The moment she saw my male underwear, she laughed and said why am I wearing it. Before I could react, she pulled them down too, I cried hey please don’t. She simply smiled and brought a dilator out. It was almost six inches in length and 4 inches in diameter. She put it across my new v***** and pushed it inside. I cried in pain while as she smiled back and said there is no difference between her and me. She further pushed and starting pumping it, the pumping effect did send a shockwaves of pleasure throughout my body. Sensing the pleasure Mita said welcome to womanhood sister…………

The pleasure was of being pumped was sending waves of pleasure inside me, Mita was trying to ensure that not to hurt me, but it seemed as if her hands were performing a magical act, which was literally driving me mad and my worries into oblivion. Mita could sense what was going inside me; it seems she too was enjoying it. I don’t know how long it lasted, but for me it felt like ages, before Mita would stop. By the time it was over, I was literally in tears and was bit ashamed of moans I had given during the time. Time seemed to have stopped for me and I felt as if I am in a suspended animation. Mita broke the silence and asked other to leave the room, and before that let’s welcome our newest member, saying so she looked at me and winked. Before I could react she said that we will talk later and left the room with others.

I lay still for next five to ten minutes. Once the pleasure was worn out did I release what had happened and I felt ashamed. I picked up my shorts and underwear from the floor and while wearing them the entire episode flashed in front of my eyes. I realize how easily Mita could overpower me, the pleasure and how vulnerable I have now become.

This revelation of pain and excitement caused ripples on my emotions and I starting crying again. Mita must have been nearby as soon as I started crying, did she enter my room. I must say that females have a better institution, as she could understand what was going in my mind without me saying anything.

She patted my back and helped me to compose myself. Before I could ask her anything she handed me an envelope and said that I need to read it and then she would answer any question. I opened it and it found a letter. It was from Mom.

Dear Beta,

I know that many things must be going in your mind. You must be mad at Mita for what she has done to you, but believe she is not at fault. The reason why she did it was because she was chosen by us to do it. You see the doctor has strongly advised for the dilation and me and your aunts were not in position to do it to you. Mita was asked to do it with a thought that she is young and from new generation. All your cousin sisters were their as we wanted you all to blend together.




Post reading the letter, I kept it aside and chose to keep quite. The silence was broken by Mita, now that all your questions have been answered, have you decided on the name yet?

What name? I enquired. Obviously you can-not be Kanish anymore sweety she replied with a wink, so have you decided on any name.

Get out of my room, as I am not interested in such silly games, and let me warn you that no matter what you feel I would not use any other name, I shouted. Mita replied with a gentle tone you would sweety sooner or later. With this she picked on my cheeks and said soon you would be enjoying all the pleasures of being a woman.

More than four month had passed since my transformation, and I was still trying to cope up with the changes. The effects of hormones and surgery had started showing their result, but i was still a boy mentally, even though I was physically a girl now.

I was still wearing my old male undies and never wore any dress associated with my new gender. I would hardly socialize and would spend maximum time confined in my room. My b**** were becoming larger and rounder with every passing day, and it was becoming difficult to conceal them.

Bigger size was just one of problems I was facing, it seemed that had a mind of their own especially n******, and every time I took a hot water bath or did dilation it used to become erect and pointed. Another problem I was facing was that I had not informed any of my friends about my accident and they wished to see me as the summer vacations were approaching and I was in a mood to avoid them at any cost.

One fine evening while I was watching television, one of my cousins pointed that why was I enjoying television and not helping them in kitchen. I was shocked to hear it and asked her to shut up and we started fighting like cats and dogs. Just in time my elder brother and mother intervened and called for a truce. My mother announced the terms of truce under which I was spared from kitchen duties but in return I was to maintain my physique which was out of shape. I agreed without any thought. Under the new agreement I was supposed to get my body back in shape. You see over the months I had grown bit fat all around, and even I wanted to get rid of it. My father and Mother decided to consult a doctor and on his advice I was required to start with light exercise including running to which I agreed. It was decided that from tomorrow I would accompany Mita and others in their morning jog in the popular park in the neighborhood. Without understanding the larger plan, I agreed.

At around 6 o clocks, I woke up and wore shorts and t-shirt, put on sneakers and called up Mita that I am ready. On seeing me she enquired whether I have worn a sports b** or not? No and that’s none of your business I yelled back. It seems she was okay with it and my mom called me and even though I resisted she arranged my hair in ponytail fashion and we headed for a park.

While I started running, I could feel an extra bounce on my b****. As they had grown, they were bouncing more and it was becoming difficult to control and adjust it. My problem was aggregated by the looks of the passerby including some mid age men, who seems to be enjoying the bounce.

I hated myself for agreeing to jog, and after completing the rounds I straightway headed for home.

Mom I will not jog from tomorrow I yelled. But you have agreed to it and I believe that we have an agreement, yes but the kind of looks I am getting from the bypasses is horrible. So you wish to engage in kitchen duties.

No-ways, I replied, and then I am afraid that I can’t allow you as we are under a strict agreement. Hey I have an alternate solution said my aunt. You should try sport b** that would control the bounce. I looked at her and before I could say anything she replied, don’t worry your secret is safe with us, even I am a women and we are same. I hated her for this comment and decided not to wear it.

I told my mom that I would honor the agreement and would jog the way I do it every day. The story continued for next seven days and I seemed to have become popular every passing day as I was enjoying more and more eyeballs from curious by-passers.

If curious onlookers were the only problem, I would not have minded it so much; the other problem I was facing was constant rubbing of n******. I was desperate to change my situation at any cost and started working on a plan.

In evening I walked to my dad’s room and stood in the corner. He looked at me and said any problem. I nodded my head. After few seconds I said Dad can I ask for small favor? Yes you can he replied. What do you require dear? Dad I was wondering if I could stop jogging for a while. But I don’t think that that’s appropriate. Please Dad I insist I tried again. Is there any problem? He tried to enquire. You can share it with me then I would see what can be done. Dad I… I … the problem….. Were the only words coming out of my mouth; I was in a fix, somehow I could make out that I was not in a position to discuss my problem with Dad. Without saying anything I left for my room.

Next morning I tried hard to avoid the routine. I called to be sick but, but no one seemed to listen and understand. Sensing that it is not working I pulled myself wore the usual short and t-shirt and started walking towards the park. Mita was excited, she said that from today we are adding up few more exercises including few jumping exercise to our routine. I did not even react to it.

The moment I entered park and started to warm up I could see a moment of men around me. It seemed I was a star of attraction and everyone wanted to see me. After completing few rounds which attracted lots and lots of men, I was stopped by Mita and the gang as now I had to jump. The moment I started to jump it attracted lots of men. Perverts was the only term which I could say for these people. I could not take it anymore and decided to head towards my home.

I was left with no option. I waked into mom room and bashed out. Why can’t you understand that I cannot continue with this anymore? You think it is funny? What happened sweety? Mom asked. Don’t you call me by this name and don’t act as if you do not know anything.

No I really do not understand what you are saying she relied. Mom I do not want to jog anymore. But it is what Doctor has advised. Are you telling me that the agreement we had few months back is off. The very thought of attending school send shivers down my spine. No mom I do not but u need to understand. Understand what? She asked. Mom those Perverts in the park seem to be interested in only one thing please understand it mom. I have a solution for it sweety. Saying this she brought out a new set of b** and p**** out of the drawers. No way Mom no way, Why what is the harm in it she replied.

Tell me don’t you wear undershirt and boxers. Yes I do I replied. It is same as your boxers and undershirt, the only difference is that it is suited as per your new body. Why so negative about it. Okay let’s agree on one thing. You try it out for a week, and if you don’t register any change in those so called Perverts behavior you can throw them but in case you feel a difference then you need to continue with it. Just for a week what do you say sweety.

I thought for a while and said okay. That’s my girl she replied with a smile. Mom I also have one condition. What condition? She enquired. I don’t want anyone to know to this new arrangement, especially Mita and the gang. Okay that can be arranged but in that case you will also have to wear these ear rings which I have brought for you. Now let me help you with these items for the first time. I can manage Mom and don’t need any help.

Sweety, try it out, I am here only in case you require any help, she winked. With a sigh and shaky hands brought the items out of the packing. The b** and p**** set was black in color with a mix of net and silk. With equally shaky hands I removed my shorts followed by boxers and wore the silky black p****. It was a perfect fit and was better than the boxers I had worn. I removed my shirt and picked up b**. d*** these had hooks on the back. Why do bras have to have hooks in the back? I cursed. I tried my level best to wear it but failed. Left with no option I called out for mom and asked her to help me. She showed me how to wear it and asked me to try it few times. After at least 15 to 20 tries, I had finally achieved the impossible. My mom further showed me how to adjust straps and other things. The b** and p**** was giving a definite shape to my body. I could see the c******* and the most wonderful thing to happen was the support my b**** were getting. Sweety lets me replace the strings in your ear and nose. No I don’t need it I tried to argue. You and I have agreed saying so she replaced the strings attached in my ears with a beautiful ear rings with diamond and on my nose she reinserted a diamond stud.

You look beautiful; let me catch a full glimpse of you. Mom please I pushed myself away and wore shorts and shirt quickly. I hope you remember the agreement not to tell anyone mom, yes I do and you will also remember the agreement we have for the week and further. Saying this I left for my room. I had to admit that the b** was doing wonders for me. I could now concentrate better on my moves and also on the irritation front I was now making rapid progress.

Next morning I headed for the park with the new found tools and started my normal routine. I was trying to avoid Mita for the fear of her seeing I wearing a b**. While running I could make a difference the b** was making to the bounce, but what made a real difference was the end of so called freak show. I was enjoying lesser audience as compared to yesterday. It seems to be working. After completing the routine we headed for home and had a refreshing bath. I picked a fresh pair of b** and p**** and wore it along with t-shirt and denim shorts and headed towards the breakfast table.

The moment I walked in I could hear giggles all around especially from cousins. What is it I yelled, it seems everyone was looking at me only. Why this commotion Mita I asked. Something has changed about you came a blunt reply and we all know it. Before I could say anything she called all aunts and said have you noticed the change. I felt as if the world was about to end. I was relieved with the next statement when everyone said about the ear rings i was wearing. But the giggle made me think that something else was in their mind. I was about to mave back to my room when I saw Vikram and Kamal my best buddy from school walk in.

What the h***....... not knowing what to do, I entered kitchen to hide myself

The big Night

What is it with you and why are you hiding behind the door, my Mon and Aunt asked together as I tried to inform them via hand moments to indicate not to speak. Sweety something wrong, your Aunty is here to help you my child. Just go away and leave me alone I pushed her. Seeing Vikram and Kamal leave did I have a sigh of relief. What was vikram doing here Mita? I enquired. Don’t tell me you don’t know. Know what, I was desperate to understand. In case you don’t know it I won’t share it with you, and by the way your new secret is safe with me. I was taken back with this statement. What secret and who told you. You know what I am talking about she giggled. Don’t worry I will not tell anyone. Mita I warn you not to mess with me. Now common tell me what secret you know and who shared it with you. Well I know that you are…… nothing, she smiled and started walking away. I caught hold of her and said Mita did I not tell you not to mess with me, twisting her hand I asked her now tell me what you know and the source of it if it at all is true. Okay baba I will tell you but please don’t hurt me oh, and first leave my hand, no I won’t unless I have nothing but the truth. Hey I just know that you are wearing a b** that’s it. Now leave me she shouted. This attracted my other cousins as well and they surrounded us. Now that I have told you that what secret I had known, now please leave my hand, it hurts. No tell me the source, I twisted her arm further. You are the source, now please leave me. What how can I be a source. Let me show you, and I promise that you are the only source who told me that you are wearing a b**. I let her go and she dragged me to a big mirror in the room. All my cousins had heard what was going on and had accompanied us to the mirror. She pointed towards my shoulder, and as I looked in the mirror I caught my reflection with b** strap was visible on my left shoulder as it had moved close to my neck. Oh s***, now I released that apart from Mita every else was also aware that I am wearing b**.

When would she start kitchen duty, asked Sunita. Never ever, these are not meant for me. I am not like you I said and left. Mom I cannot continue with like this please. Why what happened…………..

Mom I cannot continue with like this please. “Why what happened?” She asked. “What happened, look around Mom? Everyone knows what I am wearing and what is with the kitchen duties? Oh God It seems everyone is literally after me”. Mom just kept quiet and did not respond. I was fuming and moved to my room and lied low on bed. I heard a knock at the door it was mom only. She sat beside me on the bed. I looked at her and before I could say anything she spoke “Everyone came to know about the b** due to the strap visible how am I responsible for it?” before I could answer it she continued, “How does it make a difference if they know it or not, tell me sweety, why create fuss about it. By wearing b** is it hurting you in any way? What is the problem tell me.” I was taken aback by this sudden burst and had no answer, “You are right mom, b** is not at all hurting me” was what came out of my mouth. “But mom, they also need to understand that I hope you are getting what I mean”. “I do, but let me tell you something, it is up to you how you take it forward. You can very well gel with Mita and share your problems with her, she is a very sensible girl and I am sure she can and would become your best friend.” “I will try mom” that’s all what I could say.

“Hey there is very good news, something that would surely bring smiles on your face” mom said. “What is it mom”, “You have cleared your exam and have moved to next class, now isn’t that great” Mom continued. I was not excited to hear it. After the accident I was not as greatly interested in studies as I feared facing old chums especially people who knew me before the accident.

“Aren’t you excited about it?” with these words mom brought me back from a state of Trans. “Yes I am Mom”. “That’s like my sweet angle, now be prepared, we have there is a small party which has been organized” mom continued. “What party?” I tried to get some sense out of the situation. “The party is to celebrate your success in the exams, in spite of the adverse conditions.”

With this mom left me alone and I was wondering what is happening with my life. The fear of facing old pals was killing me from inside.

At around 5 in the evening, mom walked into my room and straight way enquired as to why I was not preparing for the evening gala. She even tried to influence me to wax and prepare myself for the evening, but I was not moved at all. I decided to go with jeans and t-shirt. The only change which had happened in my clothing after the incident was the addition of female inner wear, that too was less than a week old and yes my hair had grown a bit.

Around 7 PM I decided to prepare for the evening. After a refreshing bath, I came out and without any drape I picked my new undies and started wearing it. Before I could, the door opened and Mita came.

Was it a muscle reflex of anything else, I don’t know, I quickly picked up the towel from bed and tried to cover myself especially trying hard to cover my b******. “Hey what are you doing in my room and aren’t you supposed to knock before entering?”

I was looking like a damsel in distress, who is desperate to save her modesty. Seeing me in this condition Mita smiled and said “Relax I am here to check if you need any help for the evening, hey I must say your reflex have become better”.

“I don’t need any help and will you please leave this room” I unsuccessfully tried to show her the door with one hand while clutching to the towel with other hand. She smiled further and instead of leaving she locked the door and turned towards me with a big smile and a fictitious laugh. “What?” I asked

“Ladki aaj na tu mere se bach nahi payagee ha ha ha” saying so she started pulling my towel. The scene was a replica of a B-grade Bollywood movie where a villain or his henchmen would try to molest a dismal. The only difference was that Mita was trying to be a villain wearing a salwar kameez and I was the dismal.

The tug of war between her and me went for another 10 minutes or so and was followed by her letting me go and occupy a seat on the bed. “Mita I have to change so will you please leave me.”

“Go Ahead, I do not mind” she replied. I picked up my stuff to change in bathroom. I wore blue jeans and complemented it with a white t-shirt.

On seeing me dressed in casuals, Mita was bit disappointed. “Hey why don’t you try something else for the evening?” Mita asked me.

“Why what shall I wear and what is wrong with these?” I responded back. “No nothing wrong I was thinking like maybe a skirt”, before she could complete I responded, “No I am okay with it.”

Hearing it, Mita took out lipstick and nail-paint from a pouch she had brought. Seeing these girly items I asked what are these for?

Why silly don’t you wish to look good, no way and I moved from there. I picked a flip-flop and wore and signaled Mita that I was ready for the party.

Our entire clan had gathered for the gathering and as soon as I entered the party I was greeted with claps. Among the claps I could sense few looks as well, by looks as if something was wrong with the way I looked. I could also make out that something was cooking between Mita, Mom and my Aunt, but could not understand it. The party was flowing normally and I was meeting many people as well as greeted by many on the achievement. All of a sudden to my horror I was greeted by my best buddies including Vikram, Kamal, Veer and Sambhav. I was taken aback by this and could not understand what to do next.

All of them were scanning me from bottom to top and especially Vikram and kamal both were trying to speak with me. I decided to make a quick move but Dad and my brother stopped me and left me with friends with a statement Look after them. Left with no choice but to stand next to them, I was prepared for any outcome now.

It was Vikram, who broke the silence and with a pat on the back, welcomed me back in the group. I could just smile and do nothing else. We chatted for a while and before I could understand I had agreed to see my friends often and hang-out with them on daily basis for the entire next month as summer vacations were due.

With a promise to spent time with each other and an invitation to play Xbox 360 games at my place from tomorrow, the guys left and I had a sigh of a relief.

I tried to speak to mom about them, but choose rather to ignore it and left for my room to retire for the night.

Back to School

Almost a month and a half had passed since the party and I was making slow but steady progress in my journey to become a woman.

Even though I had adapted to wearing female innerwear, certain items like cosmetics, female clothing and accessories except earing and nose ring were still off the limit. I still preferred to wear men’s trousers, sports and formal shoes and jeans.

The fresh sets of exercise as prescribed by doctor and the hormones were playing havoc with my body and mind. My body was becoming more and more curvier to he extend that area around my waist was becoming thinner with every passing day and at the same time area around my hips and bust was becoming bigger and bigger.

I would cry on my occasions and had also become quite emotional which was a big change from my normal times. With no studies or any other activity planned, the summer break was becoming difficult to pass than I had anticipated with a month left for the studies to resume. On other fronts I had somewhat gelled well with Mita and was bit close to her. In evening I would spent some time with her but off late, It too was becoming boring as she would speak about many things including love, boys, her boyfriend and various other things, which were of no interest to me.

One day I got a call from Vikram, to inform me that he along with others was coming over to my place for a gamming session as we had promised earlier. I tried to remember as to when I had made this promise but could not and tried my level best to avoid him and others but could not. These guys arrived and left after playing for couple of hours. For the first time I was feeling better and enjoyed the company of my old pals, I would now look forward for them especially Vikram, who I thought was more mature than others. After a few days it was decided that we should go out for a movie and to my surprise this move was suggested by mom and I agreed to it.

On the decided day I, Mita and the old gang went for a movie, followed by a quick visit to a mall and I enjoyed it a lot. After this I went out more often with guys and was now comfortable with it and was event now or then to go out.

It appeared as if all my worries were lost into oblivion and I was literally on the top of the world, but as the saying goes things were not as rosy as it always appears.

With less than a week left for the summer vacations to be over, a fresh problem raised its ugly head. While I was back from an outing with friends with whom I had become comfortable by now, Mom and Dad called me over to inform me of a new development.

As I was now in X standard, it seemed that the school authorities found it very difficult to allow me to study from home and wanted me to attend the school full time or I need to leave the school. Fearing loss of education and with my future in mind, my parents agreed to what school authorities had to offer that is I needed to attend the school physically by the end of vacations.

As the news was broken to me, I could not hold myself back and broke in tears. The fear of going to school was killing me.

My mom tried to console me, and not knowing what to do, I moved back to my room to retire for the night. I experienced nightmares throughout the night and could hardly sleep. In morning I woke up with swollen eyes. With less than 05 days left for school to reopen, I was running out of options and had to come up with something and that too fast.

After breakfast, I walked into my parent’s room and announced that I will not be joining school. Hearing it my mom responded with an aggressive tone “Why you mean you will not join school?”

Hearing it, I broke into tears. I tried to plead to my folks not to go ahead with this move, but they would not listen, and finally I gave in to their demand. The only silver lining in it as far as I am concerned was that I was somehow able to convince for male uniform. Even though they had not agreed to it but Mom promised she would come back on it.

Almost after an hour Mom entered my room, and sat beside me on the bed. The room was still what could be described as a typical boy’s room. Patting my back she brought out the matter of not attending school. I tried to avoid the subject and after a small chit-chat I finally heard the words which I desired most. Mom said “You can attend school with whatever you wish to wear, but in return you also have to give something in return”.

“What can I give? And what do you expect from me? Now that I have agreed to your terms what else do you require from me?” I tried to reason with her.

“Sweety, for you to attend school in whatever you desire, you have to indulge into kitchen duties starting from tomorrow”. Mom responded with a big smile.

What I did to deserve this, I was wondering. Before I could say anything, Mom reverted with a smile, “Sweety you need to decide ASAP as school is scheduled to start”. I was left with no words. Sensing a yes in my silence, Mom gave me a hug.

Next morning I was woken by Mita, who instructed me to tag along her to kitchen. In kitchen I was greeted by cousins, Aunt and Mom with a big smile. Since it was my first day it was decided that I would be carrying tea and breakfast to dining table. I wished to run away but agreed and carried with the new assigned duties as assigned.

On dining table I was greeted with a big smile by my bro, Dad and others. Once I had laid down every item on the table, I was asked to serve as well. The experience was new and unique and equally frustrating, but going to school in boy’s uniform was a consolation which kept me going.

For the next two days I kitchen duties continued on the same lines. I was getting used to it and Mita whom I would consider my adversary earlier was actually helping me a lot and somewhere deep in my heart I was great full to her. Over the last few months the relation between Mita and me had improved.

Finally the D-Day arrived and I had to attend school. I woke up early in the morning, and post my normal routine I took a quick shower and started preparing for school. After wearing undies I proceed to put on my old trousers and shirt, and to my horror, I found that the old trousers were out of shape or rather I was out of shape for it. Same was the case with Shirt. With great difficulty and some tucking here and there, I was able to fit myself into the trousers even though it was cramping around my waist area. The shirt was another problem; it was too tight around my chest.

I completed the task and wore black shoes and picked by bag. Mom styled by hair in a ponytail shape, and I proceeded towards the car to be dropped at school. My mom was driving me to school. In the car I spoke to mom about a new uniform which I needed at asked her to buy the fabric after dropping me at the school.

At school, I felt as if everyone was interested in me only. After the prayers, the students for X standard were assigned a new roll-number followed by the class and since the time table had not been set we were either supposed to go back or stay back at school. I found Vikram and kamal and choose to stay with them rather than interacting with anyone else. After an hour or so, I decided to head home for the rest of the day and buy new uniform. I called up mom, and within half an hour she picked me and we headed for the nearest shop to buy fabric for fresh uniform.

Post buying the fabric, I headed for the tailor to get the uniform stitched. The tailor, who was a young man named Rashid, seemed to be quite excited to see me. As I stood up on the dice for the measurements he seemed to be too excited to do it. Rashid was touching me in different areas where I was not feeling comfortable but somehow I felt helpless and could not do anything. He measured my chest area twice followed by the waist where I really felt uncomfortable. As soon as he was through with the measurements I was relieved. I came out and decided not to share the incident with anyone. Rashid asked me to come for a trial (fitting trial) and handed me the receipt and I left the shop.

For the next two days nothing really much happened in school, I would go in the morning and be back in half an hour as the timetable and I-card were yet to be devised. I was supposed to be at the tailor shop for a trial. I went to the shop and showed the receipt to Rashid and asked for the trial. He handed me a semi stitched shirt and trouser and I entered a trial room to try. Rashid asked me to come out once I had worn them as he would like to see if any alternation was required. I came out and he again started touching me in places where I was not comfortable. He assured me that I could collect uniform in the evening I left his shop feeling discomforted. Mita sensed something is wrong and on constant poking I told her everything as to what had happened at the shop. Mita pacified me and decided that she would tag along with me in the evening when I go to collect the uniform. In evening seeing Mita with me, Rashid did not dare to try anything and I felt relieved. I was more relieved with the fact that the new uniform was up to the size and was comfortable.

Next morning I went to the school with a comfortable uniform only to discover a new problem which had arisen. The school authorities had put my name as Rita and, my s** as female. Seeing it I broke into tears as it meant that I was now officially a female. My other problem was that being a female I was put into some special classes including Home-Science, Knitting, Aerobics and Swimming, which meant I would be spending lot of time with girls from class. Knowing that I stood no chance and I accepted it as a fate.

I entered class to occupy a seat my usual one. I was waiting for Vikram to join me and sit beside me, but instead the class teacher asked me to shift from the seat and shift over to the benches occupied by girls. I tried to resist but she won’t listen and to the amusement of the entire class I was forced to shift to the benches occupied by Girls. The girls too were not pleased to see me sit among them. Somehow I managed to find a seat and sat down. Teacher took a roll call and addressed me as Kanisha in front of the entire class. The moment I was introduced to my former class mates all the boys started laughing and the girls frowned. I was humiliated and wished it to end ASAP.

But fate had something else stored. The girls were not comfortable to have me among them and for boys I was an object for entertainment. During lunch break, I preferred to stay back in class only to avoid any funny incident. The next class after break was knitting for girls and naturally I was forced to join girls to class for knitting. The madam who would teach us how to knit was amazed to find a girl wearing trouser and shirt. She asked me twice as to why I was not wearing a proper uniform. I tried to ignore her and did not answer. She took a roll call and handed all of us needles and wool and started teaching us how to knit. I was furious to see myself in such a situation add to it I could see some of the girls smiling seeing me learning to knit.

The rest of the day proceeds without any incident and after a hard day at school, I headed for home. Back at home, my kitchen duties were increase and now I was graduating to prepare tea and serve it as well. Mom and Aunt were very excited to see me progressing well and becoming what could be called as a female material with every passing day.

My life at school was becoming difficult with every passing day as I was under tremendous pressure from teachers to dress in female attire and also the girls were showing tremendous resistance towards me. The only person with whom I could find solace was my Old Buddy Vikram, who had become somewhat protective about me. I avoided a few PT classes but soon it was difficult to bunk it. After a hard session in GYM I along with other girls moved to the washroom area for a quick shower. On seeing me enter the washroom, many girls freaked out because for them I was still Kanish. I took out my clothes one at a time and proceeded for a shower. Every girl in the class ensured to see me naked under one pretext or other and seeing me with right equipment made end the hostilities among us. After the shower I was welcomed by the girls into their fold and my life was now somewhat easier than before.

After this incident I had made few friends among girls and they too were comfortable with me. The resistance I was showing towards uniform too was to be short lived. As I was not listing to the teacher, they all complained to the principle and a note was sent to my place, forcing my parents to intervene as they were called by principle for a meet.


The principle agreed to withdraw my suspension but in return I had to adhere to the school norms, which included me wearing a skirt (Knee length), Top, Girly shoe with buckle and I was supposed to tie my hair in braids. Also on Saturday I had to wear salwar kameez like any other girl from my class. I cried a lot as it meant I losing everything but under pressure had to give in and a new adhere to the prescribed dress code. Mom added few features or her own and along with the uniform she also brought a two peace swim suit for me, as I had been bunking swimming classes as well.

The first day I entered the classroom in girly uniform, I was greeted with laugh from boy’s side and an appreciation from girl’s side. The boys would scan me from top to bottom and suddenly I had become an object of desire for all of them.

While as other girls would look pretty in skirt I would look bit ugly as I had grown a hair on my legs which was a major laughing point for everyone. Mita introduced me to waxing and I released that by this time I had become too docile to react. After waxing my entire body I could sense a feminine and silk touch for my skin and now was ready to wear skirt and swimwear without any fear.

I must admit, after waxing my body did look somewhat silky and smooth, but this was not what I wanted. I was still hoping that this all was a dream and somehow someone would wake me up and relieve me of this misery.

I woke up bit early and while preparing for school, did I release that b** and p**** had become an integral part of my wardrobe, and it really felt like a second skin. It brought tears in my eyes and somehow I was not able to control my emotions and I started crying.

Since I was not used to nor could plait my hair, Mom was doing it till I would get hang of it and every morning she would do it for me. I heard a knock and the door opened. It was Mita and seeing me standing in b** and p**** with an extra silky and smooth skin made her whistle. On hearing it I could no longer control and I burst into tears and could not be controlled by Mita alone. She called for help and in came mom, aunt and all my cousins. My dad and brother were stopped by my aunt to protect my modesty because I was still in undergarments. My mom somehow was able to pacify me and give me some sedatives. The medicine started showing its effect and I dozed off. I must have slept for couple of hours, and when I woke up I was still in my undies and was alone in my room. I checked the clock and it was already half past noon and I released that I have bunked the school. This gave me an idea to skip school on the daily and I decided to work on the concept.

Next morning I recreated the entire scene and was again give medicines and made to sleep. I repeated it for few more days with success and was on the top of the world as for me I had found a mantra to avoid any humiliation at school. It seemed that my folks had understood my game plan and they were planning a counter move without my knowledge. In evening time, I overheard mom discussing the issue with dad and they decided that I could take a break for a week or so. I was pleased and when dad called me I was on the top of the world. Looking at me dad said that “I understand that you are having some serious problems and as we have spoken to doctor, and he has suggested to give you a break from school. Your mom and I have agreed to his suggestion and after speaking with your principle you have been given a 15 days break from school. Do you wish to take a break or go to school?” On hearing it I was more than pleased and said as you wish dad. Dad said so it is decided that you can rest for next 15 days but as your mom and aunt wishes you have to contribute more towards the house during these days, and i am pretty sure that being daddy’s sweet girl you will agree to it as well. So it is decided.

Before I could react to it, mom and aunt were reading out the extra duties I needed to perform. In a state of shock I could hear only few tasks including washing, cleaning and cooking.

Next day my mom and aunt started teaching me how to wash clothes. It was a tiring as well as a tedious job, as I had to take extra care of white clothing especially undies which were not supposed to be wasted like other clothing. After that I was shown how to put clothing out to dry and again I was told not to display the undies in public. All this was frustrating. Next on the list was to learn how to cook. It was really becoming frustrating. For the next few days I continued like this learning as to how to clean house,

art of cooking washing, dusting and many other household chorus. After a week or so I could not take it any longer and I asked my parents to allow me to go back to school as my studies were getting hampered. After much persuasion they agreed as it was against the what doctor had prescribed, but again since I wished to go to school and I was not forced they caved in, but the duties which I had started in this week were to continue in evening time or on Sundays. I agreed to it and I was to resume school from tomorrow onwards.

Next day I woke up early and after an early shower, I quickly wore my school uniform and went to mom to get my hair pleated. Mom was pleased to see me and she pleated my hair and tried ribbons in my hair along with necessary pins and hairclips to hold it back. After having breakfast I started towards the school. The sight in the school was not what I would call as encouraging. On seeing my waxed legs and arms, all the boys started making wolf whistles and girls were impressed. It reminded me of the days when I used to whistle and laugh. I wanted to run away but the tasks I had to perform last week made me stronger and made me held on.

In the recess I was surrounded by a group of boys and they started teasing me. Seeing me alone they started touching me here and there, which was frustrating. The moment I got a chance I ran with full force and with them following me. To avoid any further embarrassment I entered girls washroom and decided to stay their till things do not cool off.

The rest of day went without any incident and I headed for my home. Slowly I was now getting used to the wolf whistles and almost in six months since I had rejoined school and I had moved a bit more in my life. In last six months I had learnt to knit, stich and many other tasks ideal for a women of my age. I was still wearing skirts only and other dresses were still off the hook but soon it was going to change as well.

It was my birthday and I was joined by my grandparents. My dadi gifted me an expensive saree and my Dada gifted me gold jewelry including bangles. My folks gifted me various gifts and I seeing all the gifts I was fuming with anger.

After the party was over, my folks announced about my cousin sisters and big brother marriage on the cards. The news brought a much needed smile on my face but as fate always played its part in my case, I was disturbed when my Dadi blessed me for my early marriage.

The very mention of the word I getting married brought down shivers down in my spine. It was very hard and difficult for me to believe that I would get married and spend a life with another man.

My granny was pestering me to dress up in all the girly clothes and I would always avoid it and give whatever reasons I could cook up.

The hormones were taking a heavy toll on me. It seems my mind was slowly evolving into a girls mind without me knowing about it. I was feeling more and more attracted towards Vikram and Kamal and especially in Vikrams Company I would feel comfortable. I would want him to speak for hours together and I wanted to listen to him forever. Somewhere in my subconscious mind I was getting attracted towards him.

Mom could sense the changes happening within me and as a mother she wanted to protect me at every cost. My mind was still unaware of few dangers associated with being a girl.

In school boys including my earlier group would intentionally brush against my body or try to touch me but I never complained, which actually encouraged them more and more. Few of them wanted to sleep with me and even passed lewd remarks at me. I was feeling frustrated and would often think as to how could other girls in class take all of this abuse.

One day the unthinkable happened, during recess time, I was walking with another girl whom I had recently befriended and one of the boys group sensed an opportunity, they threw marbles on the ground and since I did not see them I tripped over them and felt flat on the ground. My skirt moved up a bit reveling my p**** for a huge amusement for the boys. They all were rejoicing at the site of my p****. I was furious and slapped one of the boys called Ramesh. Before anything else would happen one of the staff members was on the ground thus avoiding any further incident.

My mother came to know about the incident and was very worried about it. She cautioned me not to repeat such an act in near future as she was worried about me. After a week or so tRamesh apologized for his behaviors and very soon we became friends. Ramesh treated me like any other boy and even introduced me to his group and I was accepted by his group as well. They started calling me Kanish again and after school I would hang with them and play various outdoor games like basketball and sometimes we would play pool. For me it was as if I was regaining my lost manhood.

Mom was aware of a new development and would often stop me from mixing with them, but I would not listen and continued to hang around with these guys. Even Vikram and Kamal tried to stop me but I was in no mood to listen. Ramesh belonged to a powerful political family and I was also enjoying the respect I was getting due to him. I felt as if Kanish was back in town and was quite pleased about it. My studies and duties towards home were getting neglected but that was least of my worries. I wished these days would never end but soon I released where I have put myself in but it was too late by then.

One day I was called by Ramesh and his gang as they had decided to go to a nearby resort and wanted me to join them. We decided to bunk school and accordingly I did not inform my folks and went ahead with them on the trip. Ramesh was driving an SUV and I sat on the rear seat and with three other friends we started our journey towards the resort. On the way the guys started touching me in the parts I was not comfortable and I objected but they continued. Soon I was being groped by the guys and when I objected they started laughing. I looked at Ramesh and giving a grim smile. I asked him to stop the car and ask his friends to stop, he replied that he is the one who had arranged for all this and today he and his friends are going to feast on me as he still remembers the slap which I had placed on his cheeks. Very I started begging to these guys but it all felt to deaf ears, and soon I was in my undergarments as they forcefully removed my skirt and top. One of the guys started pulling my p**** down while I was trying unsuccessfully to hold on to it another guy pulled my b**. With one hand I was trying to hold my p**** and with other I was trying to hold my b**. I could not hold for long and soon I was out of my undergarments as well. Post it I was thrown into back of the SUV and my cries were lost in the loud music I was trying to save myself unsuccessfully and one by one the guys started feasting on me.

My ordeal continued for another hour or so, and during this time, I was violated by Ramesh and his buddies by turns. After violating me in turns, Ramesh and his buddies left me in the car and went out for refreshments. I was wondering as to why it happened to me and what had I done to deserve it. I was feeling pain all over my body and could hardly move. After 20 odd minutes which felt like ages I heard Ramesh and the guys coming back. They were laughing at the top of their voice. As Ramesh touched me I tried to pounce on him, but he caught my hand and with other he slapped me so hard that I lost my balance. I could not control my emotions and started crying. Seeing me in such a condition, the guys had a hearty laugh and I cursed my fate for putting me in this condition. Seeing me like tis Ramesh said “I think you have understood not to mess with me again and let me put this straight, b****, this is a punishment for humiliating me in front of my friends and as a trophy of my victory, I am keeping your p**** with me to show it to my friends. Do remember w**** not to tell about this incident to any one or I will usher a greater punishment on you. Understood b****”

Hearing it I again tried to unsuccessfully attack him, but Ramesh again defended himself and I slapped me again a couple of times. With an aggressive tone Ramesh spoke, “Isn’t the punishment enough for you w****? You are a girl, b**** don’t you understand how to behave, and listen if your mom did not educate you, let me do it b****” Saying so, he slapped me again and starting playing with my b******. I felt completely helpless and to save myself I let them play with my body. Ramesh and his friends sensed it and started making fun of me. Ramesh handed my clothes and kept me p****. I quietly took my clothes and started putting them on. Seeing me wearing b** and trying to calm the hook from behind, one of the guys laughed and said, “look the b**** is completely f***ing female and even is wearing b** like one”. Hearing it every one burst into laughter and I was cursing my fate and felt humiliated. I wore my skirt and top but felt strange without p**** which was with Ramesh as a trophy. We drove back towards city and in due course of time were back in city. Ramesh dropped me half a kilometer from my place with a warning not to reveal the incident and I started what appeared to be a long walk towards my place. I was feeling very uncomfortable without undies and felt as if everyone is looking at me only. I somehow reached my place and headed straight for my room and on bed I wept for hours together.

The incident had left a deep scar not only on my body and mind, but it was going to change my life forever.


I did not relate this incident to anyone at my place and for next two days I avoid going to school. On third day at school, I felt as if everyone know about the incident and everyone is looking at me only. I wished to run away but felt helpless. The memory of the incident made me hate myself and I took a resolve to change myself.

The very thought the reason for me to be attacked was due to the fact that I was a girl, and so I decided to change myself back to being a boy. I removed earrings and nosering and put away that entire thing which would associate me being a girl. I even decided to cut my hair but stopped for the fear of being discovered. Eventually I did get it cut and shaped to suit my new look. Mom and Dad were surprised with my new avatar and mom tried to reason with me, but I did not say anything and asked her to leave me alone.

Next day I wore shirt and trouser, instead of skirt and top to school. I could realize the apparel was not suited as per my new body but I ignored it. Seeing me like this created a buzz in the school, everyone including teachers were shocked to see me like it. An explanation was sought but I did not care to respond. Sensing something is wrong the school authorities preferred to discuss it with my folks and keep the incident at a bay for a while. With this behavior I felt encouraged and started misbehaving with anyone who I felt was trying to cross my path

News about my new behavior had filtered down to my place as well and the entire clan was after me to understand reason my behavior. I shouted on everyone and asked them all to attend their affair rather than messing with me. I stopped all the girly activities and would often bunk school. Mom was becoming worried with my new behavior and she wanted to know the reason for it.

On the other hand, the news about my r*** and the subsequent trophy was still a best guarded secret but as fate had planned it too was about to change.

I was bunking school regularly and in between whenever I was at school, I would pick a fight with someone over small issues and then fight with him or her. Every time I was let go as school authorities had discussed my behavior with my parents and doctor and based on what was prescribed by doctor I was allowed to do whatever I wished. Not aware of the situation, I was under the impression that my changed look is what is helping me to defeat my arch enemies. My worst mistake was to lock horns with Ramesh and his gang. During recess Ramesh and I entered into an argument which resulted in me hitting him. I was very aggressive towards him and was pushing him for a fight. He instead of hitting me back brought out the trophy and displayed it to my horror and everyone else amusement. On seeing the trophy the entire crowd which had gathered around to witness the fight, to my discomfort burst into laughter and not knowing what to do I ran from there. The news of my retreat spread like a wild fire and everyone was talking about it.

In evening I was cornered by Mita and on constant poking, I broke down and narrated the entire incident to her. This literally opened a can of worms and mom was angry at me for hiding the incident. My dad in consultation with my uncle decided to file an FIR with police. Nobody listened to me and a FIR was registered and I was subject to some questioning from police.

I broke down and narrated the entire incident and on its basis Ramesh and his Friends were picked up by police. The news about the arrest and my r*** spread like wild fire and in no time everyone I knew was aware of it.

Ramesh belonged to a very powerful political family, and his father tried unsuccessfully to get him out of this mess. One thing which was working in his case was that he was a minor and could not be sent to Prison. But his father was not even satisfied with it as it meant a big blot on his political career and he wanted to avoid any such incident. On the other hand my folks were also not ready to let go and this incident had even made headlines in the news as well.

I was furious and frustrated at the same time as I was being subjected to trauma for no reason. The incident was creating ripples and was making everyone life miserable. Ramesh father and his elder brother Alok tried to meet my Father and uncle couple of times but failed every time.

It was ultimately through a common friend that my parents agreed to meet Ramesh parents and their it was agreed that my folks would withdraw the complaint and in return Shastri family (Ramesh Family) would send Ramesh away to some other country for few years and Shastri Family accept me as a Bahu (Alok’s Wife).

The News was brought upon me my Mita and I was devastated on hearing this news. I felt as cattle which have been sold off. I tried to protest but no one would listen to me.

As per the agreement my folks withdraw the complaint and Ramesh was sent to other Australia, while as I was to be married to his elder brother Alok. A date was fixed for the 4 of the next month which was roughly 25 odd days.

I tried my level best to argue with Mom and Dad, but no one listened to me. I even threatened but it all fell to deaf ears. I tried every trick to stop it but none was working. The news about my marriage had also spread and I was getting call from my friends who wished to see me.

Still trying to understand as to what is happening an announcement by mom changed everything. With less than 20 days left for marriage, Alok’s mother and my future mother in law ‘Ruby’ wanted to hold an engagement ceremony and since we had agreed to it, it was to happen tomorrow evening.

With no time left, the entire clan was working in hyper mode for the ceremony and marriage. Sarees and suits were being brought for me and were being packed. Mita was trying to get me involved but I was not showing interest at all. I walked to mom and asked her to stop it all, she listened to me and in a very aggressive tone she asked me to cooperate or asked me to leave the house as she was fed with my attitude.

Sensing the end, I gave up and as mother had ordered, I went with Mita and we both drove towards parlor for the evening engagement ceremony.

In evening I was cornered by Mita and on constant poking, I broke down and narrated the entire incident to her. This literally opened a can of worms and mom was angry at me for hiding the incident. My dad in consultation with my uncle decided to file an FIR with police. Nobody listened to me and a FIR was registered and I was subject to some questioning from police.

I broke down and narrated the entire incident and on its basis Ramesh and his Friends were picked up by police. The news about the arrest and my r*** spread like wild fire and in no time everyone I knew was aware of it.

Ramesh belonged to a very powerful political family, and his father tried unsuccessfully to get him out of this mess. One thing which was working in his case was that he was a minor and could not be sent to Prison. But his father was not even satisfied with it as it meant a big blot on his political career and he wanted to avoid any such incident. On the other hand my folks were also not ready to let go and this incident had even made headlines in the news as well.

I was furious and frustrated at the same time as I was being subjected to trauma for no reason. The incident was creating ripples and was making everyone life miserable. Ramesh father and his elder brother Alok tried to meet my Father and uncle couple of times but failed every time.

It was ultimately through a common friend that my parents agreed to meet Ramesh parents and their it was agreed that my folks would withdraw the complaint and in return Shastri family (Ramesh Family) would send Ramesh away to some other country for few years and Shastri Family accept me as a Bahu (Alok’s Wife).

The News was brought upon me my Mita and I was devastated on hearing this news. I felt as cattle which have been sold off. I tried to protest but no one would listen to me.

As per the agreement my folks withdraw the complaint and Ramesh was sent to other Australia, while as I was to be married to his elder brother Alok. A date was fixed for the 4 of the next month which was roughly 25 odd days.

I tried my level best to argue with Mom and Dad, but no one listened to me. I even threatened but it all fell to deaf ears. I tried every trick to stop it but none was working. The news about my marriage had also spread and I was getting call from my friends who wished to see me.

Still trying to understand as to what is happening an announcement by mom changed everything. With less than 20 days left for marriage, Alok’s mother and my future mother in law ‘Ruby’ wanted to hold an engagement ceremony and since we had agreed to it, it was to happen tomorrow evening.

With no time left, the entire clan was working in hyper mode for the ceremony and marriage. Sarees and suits were being brought for me and were being packed. Mita was trying to get me involved but I was not showing interest at all. I walked to mom and asked her to stop it all, she listened to me and in a very aggressive tone she asked me to cooperate or asked me to leave the house as she was fed with my attitude.

Sensing the end, I gave up and as mother had ordered, I went with Mita and we both drove towards parlor for the evening engagement ceremony.

We arrived at parlor and were greeted by a Middle aged lady in her early 30’s her name was Meena. Mita introduced me and escorted me to the chair. On hearing that it would take me at-least 4 hours at the parlor she headed back to home, leaving me alone at parlor with Meena to work upon me.

Meena asked to s**** completely. I was bit reluctant to do it, but the Meena was one h*** of a character. She was not ready to listen. I wanted her to leave, but she did not budge from her position. “Common be sport, it’s you and me, and fortunately we both have same kind of equipment” Meena said so with a smile on her face. Knowing that there is no escape, I stripped and kept the clothes aside.

The first torture I had to endure was a full body waxing, which was painful enough and drove me mad. I was crying and it seemed my crying had no effect on Meena. After an agonizing 45 minutes of waxing, she cleansed by body with some mixture made up of water and some moisture.

After waxing, I was subjected to Pedicure and manicure which I did enjoy. She called her aide and while her aide was working on filing my nails, Meena subjected me to another torture called as facial and threading. The entire process lasted for another few hours. It was followed by a makeup session which included me getting painted with Cheery Red nail Polish and Lipstick and whole lot of other thing which I had hardly seen before. Mita was joined by my mother as well and both were carrying few packets. Mom and Mita were satisfied with the result and Mom brought out a set of b** and p**** and handed it over to me. The b** and p**** was black colored and satin made with net in certain parts. The sight of it freaked me out, but I quickly wore it. Mita helped me to adjust the straps and it was followed by a body hugging tight choli and Lenga.

Meena quickly styled my hair using few extensions and in the meanwhile, my mother and Mita, helped me with other accessories including Bangles and Jumkas. In less than 5 hours, I was transformed from a plain looking girl to a glamorous lady.

We drove straight to the venue, and while we were driving, I could feel that the Driver was gazing at my b**** from the rear view mirror. I adjusted my dress and chunni to block his view.

Alok, my future husband was dressed smartly in shervani, and looked handsome. I was afraid to look directly at him and kept my head down to avoid him and others. After few songs we exchanged rings and the date for our marriage which was less than 4 days was announced again.

One of Alok’s friends greeted us and asked him, about the plans after marriage, which really freaked me out. I was glad that the day was over.

All of my cousins were excited for the D-day and were keen to know as to what I felt about Alok. I wanted to change into something causal, but Mom handed me a cotton saree. Mom, I do not want to wear it, I tried to reason with her. Your inlaws are very strict about it and will not tolerate this at all. Better get used to wearing a saree as you are soon going to wear it till end, she replied. But Mom I do not………………. Girl, no argument I said na Saree only, end of conversation She said with a stronger tone.

Okay mom, I will do as you say but I do not know how to wear it. On hearing it, Mom explained me how to wear it, and asked me to practice it. I tried of couple of times. It was frustrating but started getting hang of it.

It seemed a new chapter was about to begin in my life. Not sure how it will end, I decided to leave it on the fate and while my friends were preparing for board exam and a new chapter in form of college, I was preparing for marriage and a new chapter at my inlaws house.

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